II//sdss7, Data Release 7 (,, primary sources, plus 65,, that 2 different SDSS objects share the same SDSS name (). 1. J/ApJ//48/sample, Sample source properties (tables 1 and 2) (87 rows) ( Q=QSO, BLZ=blazar, BLRG=broad_line radio galaxy, fnt=faint) (). [0/1] Fmag quality of the PSF fitting Qfit () (CODE_QUALITY). f_Fmag, [0/7] Quality flag (best=1) on Fmag (Note 2) ().

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Documentation should fill in the blanks left by the code and the comments. Tight whitespace I like relatively tight whitespace. Two brace styles are most common in C-like languages such as Java and JavaScript: Avoid Creating Meyacode Variables.

6.2 Metacode

The rationale is that this convention is more descriptive: Always use new when creating an instance. How much whitespace after parentheses, between statements, meracode. JavaScript, the winning style examines what the majority of several popular style guides recommend. The advantages of this approach are that deleting, inserting, and rearranging lines is simpler and the lines are automatically indented correctly.

So if you are as clever as you can be when you metaxode it, how will you ever debug it? The rationale is that this is what a named function expression looks like if you remove the name:. It is also easier to remove the code fragment or to move it somewhere else.

They will jump in anywhere and should be able to roughly understand what is going on. A Metacodde Code Style Guide. Much cleverness is directed at these optimizations. It should also contain a glossary for all important concepts.

It should tell you how to get started with the code base and metcaode you with the big picture. Most of them have generally agreed-upon answers.


The larger the team, the more important it is to check for adherence to the style automatically, via tools such as JSHint.

To write such code, use descriptive identifiers and break up long functions or methods into smaller subfunctions. Thus, there is no need to write yet another one. Here, a block is more closely associated with the header of its statement; it starts after it, in the same line.

Code Should Be Easy to Understand. The rationale is that this is what a named function expression looks like if you remove the name: In the latter case, they return a value and while there is a mnemonic, you still need to think to figure out what is going on: You can write string literals with either single quotes or double quotes in JavaScript. However, you have to find ways to recover gracefully from failure when your code is in production.

Initializing an array with elements avoid! Changing undefined explains why.

More tips for using meetacode are mentioned in Tips for Implementing Constructors. On one hand, JavaScript engines are becoming increasingly smart and automatically optimize the speed of code that follows established patterns. They make it easier to work with HTML code which normally has attribute values in double quotes. In modern engines, using instances of constructors is very fast e.

I like relatively tight whitespace. Allman style and 1TBS. Coerce a value to a type via BooleanNumberStringObject used as functions—never use those functions as constructors. As an exception, I omit braces if a statement can be written in a single line. Everyone knows that debugging is twice as hard as writing meyacode program in the first place. Therefore, redBalloon is easier to read than rdBlln. That means that if you want to work with a code base, you need to learn those ideas and concepts.


It has been inherited from Java and most style guides recommend it. If you return an object literal, you must put the opening brace in the metacdoe line as the keyword returnlike this otherwise, automatic semicolon insertion inserts a semicolon after returnmeaning that nothing is 22 see Pitfall: And there are spaces after commas: However, it is usually better to use a more explicit alternative such as Math.

RAVE – the Radial Velocity Experiment

The idea is to complement existing style guides rather than to replace them. In languages where braces delimit blocks of code, a brace style determines where you put those braces. It is thus important to make the former as easy as possible. The bodies 22 control flow statements are always metacove in braces, even if there is only a single statement.

Someone reading the code can then turn to the documentation to find out more about the concept. First, familiar things are easier to understand.

If you need to know a concept to understand the code, you can either include the name of the concept in an identifier or mention it in a comment. As an addendum to the previous rule: Jetacode kind of local encapsulation makes a code fragment easier to understand in isolation.

This section collects examples of unrecommended cleverness.