Download manual Honda Civic Coupe Manual Description Congratulations ! Your selection of a Honda Civic was wise investment. View and Download Honda Civic Coupe owner’s manual online. Honda Civic Coupe Automobile Owners Manual. Civic Coupe Automobile pdf. Download your free PDF file of the honda civic coupe on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals.

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When using the sun visor for the side window, remove the support rod from the clip, and swing it out. If the level is at or below the MIN mark, your brake kanual needs attention.

Honda Civic Coupe – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

Page After the beep, say the number. Once a channel is stored, press and release the proper side of the preset button to tune to it. They are then drawn into the engine and burned. You ciupe be able to receive a distant radio station one day and not receive it the next day because of a change in conditions.

Honda Automobile Customer Service at Need a Printed Copy?

Make sure the accessory does not obscure any lights, or interfere with proper vehicle operation or performance. Keep you from being thrown out of the vehicle. Also, the thinner air f ound at altitudes above 8, f eet 2, Page Removing these fuses requires a Phillips-head screw- driver. Insert the new bulb into the hole, and turn it one-quarter turn clockwise to lock it in place.


Honda Civic Owners Manuals

Operation is subject to the Keep the vehicle in Park automatic transmission or neutral manual transmission. Have your dealer inspect your vehicle as soon as possible.

Brake System Indicator If you must drive the vehicle a short distance in this condition, drive slowly and carefully. To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact:. Channel name, channel number, category, artist name, and music title. Engine oil change capacity including filter: Of the different seats available, we recommend those that have a five- point harness system as shown.

Cpupe next supported track or file plays automatically. You have to turn the defogger on again when you restart the vehicle.

They will go off when you turn the Page When you turn the system back on, the card will begin playing where it left off. Adjustment should be done by your dealer or another qualified technician. You will see SCAN in the display.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Adding Engine Oil Do not fill above the upper mark; you could damage the engine. Press the RPT hona again to turn it off. Press the Talk button and continue to add numbers, or say Call or Dial to place a call.


Parts Covered by Emissions Warranty. Have passengers adjust their head restraints properly as well. General warranty provisions New vehicle limited warranty Emissions warranties Warranties on accessories, replacement parts, and more. See page for more information on the VSA system. If you try ownesr open the moonroof in below-f reezing temperatures, or when it is covered with snow or ice, you can damage the moonroof panel or motor.

Starting The Engine If the engine still does not cojpe, return to step 5.

Owner’s Manual | Honda Civic Coupe | Honda Owners Site

Page The windows operate for up to 10 minutes after you turn off the ignition switch. If the engine is cold, it will be several minutes before you feel warm air coming from the system.

Driving with the temperature gauge reading at the red mark can cause serious damage to the engine.