IDEALIZED DESIGN. Creating an Organization’s Future. Russell L. Ackoff. Jason Magidson. Herbert J. Addison. Prentice Hall. In this chapter, we look at the stages in idealized design because success .. of the GM Strategic Initiatives group, who worked with Ackoff on problems at GM. by Herbert J. Addison, Jason Magidson, Russell L. Ackoff Russell Ackoff, and leading practitioner Jason Magidson, Idealized Design covers every facet of this .

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By focusing on what we want right now, we can eliminate that potential source of error. Almost every hand in the room went up. Many in the room had used a phone that morning.

Idealized Design — To solve a problem, start with the ideal solution

Among these are touch-tone phones, consumer ownership of phones, call waiting, call forwarding, voice mail, caller ID, conference calls, speaker phones, speed dialing of numbers in memory, and mobile phones.

The vice president looked up and glowered at the group.

He mounted the platform, stood behind the podium, put his elbows on it, and held his head in his two hands, looking down. What does that mean? Get updates Get updates. As a result, we have been improving the parts, but not the whole. The room broke out in a hubbub of whispered conversations saying that his statement was not true.

He was obviously very upset. An amazing thing happened; in less than an hour, we found a way, conceptually, to reduce, if not eliminate, such errors. The idea behind having these two constraints is that we are creating a design for today, not the future.

There were ten keys, one for each digit, a register, and a red key in the lower-right corner. It began to dawn on all of us that his behavior had been a trick. He said that no one idelaized know the difference. Idealzed decided to go to work on this. Several weeks later, the young men appeared at one of our sessions looking sheepish and apologetic.


They start brainstorming ideas on how to improve sales. He pressed on, asking for another candidate.

Idealized Design: How Bell Labs Imagined — and Created — the Telephone System of the Future

The handheld calculator was not yet available. A phone I can use with no hands. As we described what we were trying to do, they began to whisper to each other and were soon more absorbed in their private conversation than in what we were saying.

The first few were as follows: The next one offered was multiplexinga way of transmitting multiple conversations simultaneously over one wire. The vice president agreed. Then he suddenly straightened up, his normal color seemed to return, and he broke out in a great big belly laugh. Sign in Get started. It idealizex respect current laws and relevant regulations.

Idealized Design solves problems by first thinking about the ideal solution and then working back from there to today. There are only two constraints we should limit ourselves with. This was very unusual. We noted suggestions on a pad mounted on an easel. The vice president was not there yet. Log In or sign idealizsd to comment. He could not get near someone without punching, pinching, pushing, hugging, or pounding them on the back.

Fortunately, the group decided this was too rare to be of concern but that the percentage of wrong numbers of each type was of concern. Ackoff, had many years ago. I called him using the phone in the room. When the meeting was adjourned, the teams immediately gathered so that their members got to know each other.


Idealized Design: Creating an Organization’s Future [Book]

We were furious but decided to let it pass for the time being. He then looked acckoff again. As you will see, its use has been extensive and is still growing.

As a result, I spent a great deal idealizex time in the next year with that team. These numbers would appear on the register. Again he revealed that it was before The group of design teams continued to work after I was no longer a participant, and they anticipated every change in the telephone system, except two, that has appeared since then. Therefore, we called a department of the lab that worked on miniaturization and asked for technical help.

For example, we wanted to be able to talk simultaneously to groups in multiple locations, see all of them, and be able to transmit documents or charts instantaneously. We continued to add to this list for several weeks, ending with just more than ninety properties we wanted a phone to have.

We were very pleased with ourselves, but nevertheless we recognized that we did not know whether such a phone was technologically feasible. It was minutes before I could understand him.

The book is intended to take you through the process with many examples of different organizations in different industries. It turned out that he had been doing work on wrong numbers for a number of years, and I was the first one to ask him about it. He exploded at the end of the line.