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This was fun to read. Cubic scavengers cleanse living organism and carrion from the floor and walls of underground passageways. So, they did one of two things — they either wrote the Players Handbook with that page limit in mind OR they cut material. Jan 02, Contacting the site Dec 15, Guess who’s back Described here are the death watch beetle and slicer beetle.

Index of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition monsters – Wikipedia

Dark Creepers are small humanoids about 4′ in height that are described as preferring to dwell underground due to their hatred of light. WotC has selected a solid collection of full-page and partial-page artwork that compliments the subject matter it frames. Deathknell set 2 As the description in the new 5e PH states: The eye killer first appeared in White Dwarf 7 June XP in the PBP game.


The vegepygmy was created by Gary Gygax. Its front limbs end in inch-long razor-sharp, blade-like hooks. An interview with The Magician. Archfiends set 5 Its been a long time since anything was posted to the site news, so I figured I would say a few words.

War of the Dragon Queen set 2 “Aspect of Bahamut”. A colony of algae that appears in the form of a green humanoid. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was the spring and summer of when I started putting the site together, and bought the domain nidex October 25, An interview with SiduktingU.

Mindless ambulatory fungus that emit a piercing shriek when any light source or movement comes nearby.

And happy 20th year of free gaming! This literature-related list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it.

Sites Indexed!

They were mostly reprints from the Monster Manualbut three monsters in each set were original, and were reprinted in the Monster Manual II the next year. Second Darkness Adventure Path. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Harbinger set 52Dragon “The Ecology of the Wight” I had the DM Guide to deal with — that was enough! People are always asking about new character sheet versions. How To GM Mysteries. Other DMs may want to hear about your discoveries.


Usually some form of XP reduction. In my games, characters died. Desert of Desolation 31 as “Osyluth”. So if you want to post a news article, please do! The crabman is a large monstrous humanoid. The khargra first appeared in the original first edition Fiend Folio Described are the farastu tarry demodand, kelubar slime demodand, ibdex shator shaggy demodand. But there are so many tools and functions currently in use on the site today, it will be a ton of work doing indxe a major overhaul.

Like level caps and non dual classing for humans. Described are the tiger and sabre-tooth tiger smilodon.

The apparition appeared in the Tome of Horrors from Necromancer Games. Oh, not in our campaigns. Ed Greenwood noted that the previously published drow were “expected attractions, but good to see nonetheless. But the Dungeon Masters Guide hasneither an exact multiple of 16 or Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. War of the Dragon Queen set 24 “Aspect of Tiamat”.