– Buy Los exploradores de Hitler: Ss-ahnenerbe (Unknown History) book online at best prices in India on Read Los exploradores de. The Oera Linda Book is a manuscript written in a form of Old Frisian, purporting to cover was the immediate impulse for the foundation of the Ahnenerbe Nazi “think tank” by Himmler and Wirth, together with Richard Walther DarrĂ©. Hitler: Hitler’s ANTARCTICA UFOs, the Ahnenerbe Society, the Piri Reis Map, HAARP and other Mysteries (Hitler in Antarctica mysteries, ufo Book 1) (English.

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The correct scientific method is the formulation of an hypothesis a tentative speculation about how the world works followed by development and implementation of tests of that hypothesis.

The Ahnenerbe and Medical Experimentation We all know about the remarkable use of Jewish and political prisoners in Nazi medical research of all types: For space he looked to the Crimea, where Nazi forces were fighting Soviet forces for control of the Black sea and the fertile fields. Want to Read saving…. It makes reading Hellboy even more fun knowing the truth of the fiction!

This is a book worth reading. The public defeat of Himmler’s scholarly brand of “esoteric Nordicism” resulted in the foundation of Ahnenerbe, which attracted occultists such as Karl Maria Wiligut and was viewed with suspicion by anhenerbe mainstream National Socialist ideologues of Amt Rosenberg.

At the end of the day, setting aside the kooks-and there were plenty of those, there were some seriously brilliant and talented scholars who worked in the Ahnenerbe. This is fascinating material on many levels, and well worth its Ahnsnerbe Stars! Themes running through the Oera Linda Book include catastrophismnationalismmatriarchyand mythology. He manged to find two instances of him using his former Ahnenerbe contacts to help save two former colleagues at the University of Oslo as enough an excuse to have the Soviet authorities release him.


Yrjo von Gronhagen, the scholar who recorded the magical spells of Finnish shamans for Himmler, was deemed to have worked as an “extraordinary representative of the Finnish government furthering German-Finnish cultural exchange”.

Jun 16, Monty Loftus rated it liked it.

Many escaped punishment but all, to a man, showed no remorse and no regret for their actions. Nothing to see here. But his Nazi disavowal was masterful and he was deemed a “political victim of the Third Reich” and released. The text was nevertheless a source of inspiration for a number of occultists and speculative historians. View all 7 comments.

The Master Plan: Himmler’s Scholars and the Holocaust

The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it is written like a Ph. The story of Ahrenerbe is a excellent story of how anthropologists, archeologists and other reseachers definitely became running dogs for evil. As a result many ahnenerbr Nazis escaped virtually unscathed from denazification. The manuscript first came to public awareness in the s.

Riveting history of the Ahnenerbe The existence of an Aryan race in history was assumed and scholars and scientists were recruited who would warp history to ‘prove’ its existence and the ability to reconstruct the master race.

InJan Gerhardus Ottema published a Dutch translation and defended it as genuine. According to Nazi philosophy the western word faced an existential threat: Lo que nos cuenta.


Oera Linda Book – Wikipedia

The author shows lots of unknown information about the madness, corruptness and pseudoscientific ideas of the SS, but I think the book shold prvide a more global idea of the nazi mind. It also shows the history of the Aryan argument, the actual historical basis of these historical facts and how the Nazi’s perverted them to their own use.

Anything was plausible, qhnenerbe long as meant Germans were the best at everything in history. It made me wonder what it must have been like to be a German high school student in and discover, practically overnight, that nearly everything I’d ever been taught, about history and science, was little more than fantasy.

Oera Linda Book

Another figure to formulate a contemporary Neopagan tradition influenced by the Oera Linda Book was Tony Steele, who considered the book to reveal the genuine truth libgo the ancient European megalithic culture. For more than 30 years he spent his summers in Lapland and winters in Greece.

I found this book extremely well written and highly educational, and at the same time surprising, entertaining and very enjoyable to read. The final chapter of the book traces the final outcomes of these luminaries and it is rather interesting. But a Spiegel reporter dug up his Nazi past and dashed any hopes of a comeback.