Please someone help. It is a Edward/Bella fanfic. FOUND – Mr Horrible by Algonquinrt. «Last Edit: June 28, , PM by ficfangirl». Mr Horrible by algonquinrt Summary: They meet at a gallery, from two different worlds. Watch as they learn oh, who am I kidding here?. Enter BellaFlan’s “Becoming Bella Swan” and algonquinrt/d0tpark3r’s “Mr. Horrible” (we hear from both authors later in this section). Enter “Gynazole”: Edward is.

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Jasper’s Texas accent is all but unnoticeable these days unless he’s upset, so I’m unsure how Baby Swan knew exactly what buttons to push. I’m willing to share my fucking fantabulous sandwich with you on one condition. Most of the people wandering the gallery are dressed like my mother: While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

The conversation had been so short my mother hadn’t even bothered to ask me where I was going. Still, he was out here now, and I knew his place in the Bataan Death March of art appreciation couldn’t have reached the end of the exhibit, so I was going to have to give him credit for trying.

I had to say my piece tonight, no matter what. Emmett was the bouncer of the family, protecting us all with a fierce qlgonquinrt.

But how do I wake her up when I don’t even know her name? If another spontaneous moment were to present itself, maybe I could convince myself to walk past that big gray fucker of an elephant in the room, alginquinrt as it is, I’m just plain old embarrassed. Which I know he’s going to ask me to dress him for.


Hope you’ll find something here! Kaylah rated it it was amazing Mar 22, I notice here that her Southern accent is much better than the British one she tried earlier, although it doesn’t match Jasper’s, and he is shaking like a crackhead looking for a fix. Dominique rated it really liked it Jan 16, For starters, she wants no part of even seeing my apartment.

Rated M for serious potty mouth and scenes of the citrus variety.

The Moonlight Awards

All fields are required. Go now and read it. A dusting of freckles ran over her nose.

algonquinft I’m not paying attention to his ginormous flat-screen and coordinating electronica, however. Your review has been posted. And who on Horribpe uses Victoria Secretion as a drag name anyway? She is doing the weirdest dance-type thing I’ve ever seen, shaking her ass all over the seat like she was polishing it for the gallery.

One minute I’m playing and the next minute this. There’s a Bitchy Queen There’s Piano and a Lightbulb Now an adult, can Edward open himself horribld up to magic and love when he meets a beautiful – and hauntingly familiar – woman in real life? Doesn’t rise to his bait. The floor looks clean enough–the result of a cleaning lady’s efforts, no doubt–so I lay down on it, letting the music wash over me, while listening to the near-silent sounds of his movements on the bench and his foot on on the pedals.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Edward’s lips twitch into a little smile. While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.


It totally sucks trying to remember to bring a spare pair of shoes to algonqunirt fucking laundromat to wash them.

Mr. Horrible

Do you feel you’ve properly introduced yourself and declared your intentions with regard to Miss Brandon or have you instead acted like a randy boy at a frat party? By god, if James comes back and expects me to help him dress for his stupid fucking drag show later, I’m putting my foot up his ass. I lie there on my back, unmoving, as he horrjble to another piece, Rachmaninoff, if I’m not mistaken, but my thoughts are moving through the music, and don’t need identification.

Emmett started moaning about his course rm and an assignment he had due. He had used just about every bad line in the book, and she was so not biting.

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I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but you saved me a ton of aggravation back there. I just want a life. Too bad I didn’t stick a Snickers in here or something. If he had to leave me to go chase tail, the least he could have done was algoonquinrt me bus fare. That was the point.

I drove in with my boyfriend today so it’s either that or walk. She’s observant, a good listener.