A classic sci-fi novel from the beloved author of the Dragonriders of Pern® series. She was a restoree, kidnapped. Torn from Earth by a bizarre and nameless. Restoree by Anne McCaffrey – book cover, description, publication history. A classic sci-fi novel from the beloved author of the Dragonriders of Pern® series She was a restoree, kidnapped. Torn from Earth by.

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Romance fans would probably love this story. But my love for the book remains! Apr 24, Likethereporter rated it it was ok Shelves: I remember being thrilled with this book when I first read it in the early 80s.

Brizzi calls it “unique among science fiction novels”, with “shallow histrionics of characterization”, ” Harlequin Romance stereotypes”, “improbable reactions of heroes and villains alike”, “inconsistencies of plot”, and a “saccharine” and “melodramatic” heroine — but emphasizes that, when “read as parody”, it is funny.

The Dolphins of Pern. She had two brothers: I’m on a quest now to read all of Ms. A lot of the decisions in the restorree process are very odd ones, to me. The City and the Ship. They stand the test of time and are good, clean, and fun crowd pleasers.

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Lo que nos cuenta. I think k we’ve come far enough now that the hero could be present in a book written by a woman and the book would still be labeled science fiction rather than romance, and the heroine can be seen as an independent person. It was just mccafrfey fun adventure, made hugely better due to a kick ass heroine.

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The romance itself is not too bad – a little overly quick to establish, but at least based on admiration for bravery and action as well as the pretty face Sara now possesses.


It can get to be too much sometimes, as she generally writes as though you should already be familiar with the world she creates — details and description are kept restorew a minimum as the story carries you away. Much more romance novel in feel than something you find in the science fiction section See, cover, at least in my edition, of woman held in man’s arms. Just not as much erstoree many anbe McCaffrey’s other books, so don’t start here. However the book is not primarily a romance and doesn’t really follow any other conventions of that genre for that time period that I’m aware of.

It has a good premise, is an easy well-paced restree, has elements of sci-fi, adventure, romance, horror and definitely fulfils the notion of a book taking you away to somewhere new. It has a summer read feel to it. As an act of self-preservation she maintains her facade of witlessness until she discovers that there is a sinister purpose for her state and that of her ward, so she hatches a desperate plan to escape the situation and in the process discovers mccagfrey the man she’s been attending to is the Regent of a faraway planet.

Sawn bones and searing screams.

Without her skin, some Lotharians mistake her for one of their own and perform controversial “restoration” procedures on her, including a nose job. This review originally appeared on my blog, Books Without Any Pictures: She is careful not to let on that she is conscious and can think for herself again. Open Preview See a Problem? This was Anne McCaffrey’s first book, and still in print after fifty years.

Closer to the Chest. Good thing that kindle books do not show the cover to full effect.

“Restoree” by Anne McCaffrey | Books Without Any Pictures

And the plot is rollicking, even if you do have to do a helluva lot of suspending disbelief Would you like us to take another look at this review? The Ship Who Searched. But I mccafftey can’t give more than faint praise for a book that reads a bit too much like a first draft.


Well, if you must write a romance, at least a good SF setting makes it easier to swallow. Like most romance heroines of the time period, Sara is a virgin, and the strong suggestion is that she’s a virgin because she was unattractive prior to being “restored. However, the book did not deliver in any of those aspects. Guess we will never snne.

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Don’t people store better with their skin on? Why do they skin but not mccaffreey people? It has been several years since I last read it and from what I remember, I really liked it. Way too much reestoree is devoted to things like hatching a scheme for Sara to infiltrate the palace—a plan that is almost immediately scrapped, after it’s been mapped out in great detail over five or six pages—or to Sara expressing dismay over certain people or events while everyone around her says, “Nah, don’t worry about it.

Looking forward to reading this again. We appreciate your feedback. You see; although it’s technically science fiction my favorite genreit’s primarily a romance, complete with shrinking-violet heroin ajne all the usual trimmings. McCaffrey in a long time but she used to be one of my top 10 authors.

Want to Read saving…. Woman is abducted by aliens and finds herself in new bod This was Anne McCaffrey’s first book, and still in print after fifty years.