Eulogy on King Philip: as pronounced at the Odeon, in Federal Street, Boston / by the Rev. William Apes. Main Author: Apess, William, Language(s): . In the early s, Native people in southern New England were entering their third century of struggle against invasion, disease, war and. Apess’s last published work, Eulogy on King Philip (), has been described as his “most powerful and sustained polemic.” Originally delivered as a series of .

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Only look at the sum demanded, and it is enough to satisfy the critical observer. At the same time Philip so managed it as to cut off their retreat and take their ammunition from them. In a deliberate contrast to English descriptions, Apes depicted Philip’s death as a noble and tragic scene. Was it the friend of the Indian?

The blow had now been struck, the die was cast, and nothing but blood and carnage was before them. Accordingly, on the 19th day of December, after the Pilgrims had been out in the extreme cold for nearly one month, lodging in tents, and their provision being short, and the air full of snow, they had no other alternative than to attack Philip in the fort. How have they been destroyed? It was not the good will of those holy Pilgrims that prevented.

How much mercy do you think has been shown toward Indians, their wives, and their children?

William Apess, “Eulogy on King Philip,” Speech Text – Voices of Democracy

Ming often hear of the wars breaking out upon the frontiers, and it is because the same spirit reigns there that reigned here in New England; and wherever there are any Indians, that spirit still reigns; and at present, there is no law to stop it.

If God wants the red men converted, we should think that he could do it as well in one place as in another. Aoess, then, because a man would not eullgy and fight against his own wife and family, or leave them, he was condemned as a heathen. At William was eleven, Mr. But to say the least, there is no excuse for their ignorance how to treat their enemies and pray for them. In he sold a tract of some square miles, now called Swansea. But he would not even [have] lost a man had it not been for Indians who were hired to fight against Indians, with promise of their enjoying equal rights with their white brethren; but not one of those promises have as yet been fulfilled by the Pilgrims or their children, though they must acknowledge that without the aid of Indians and their paess they must inevitably been swept off.


Gookin, it appears, was a benevolent man philp a friend to the Indians. The Pilgrims with their forces were marching ever in one direction, while Philip and his forces were marching in another, burning all before them, until Middleborough, Taunton, and Dartmouth were laid in ruins and forsaken by its inhabitants.

At times scholars have passionately disagreed about what kind of sovereignty Apess imagined for Native Americans.

William Apess

The elderly judge, too old to deal with an unruly and rejected child, quickly sold his indenture to Gen. How does he treat the various parties involved?

William Apes, in contrast, portrayed King Philip as a patriot who died for his country. The Mashpee Wampanoag had a close culture and wooded land at the elbow of Cape Cod. It was upon a fast day, too, when the first gun was fired; and as the people were returning from church, they were fired upon by the Indians, when several of them were killed.

The tribe apeds never been consulted in such appointment and objected to Rev.

Indians think it is. Furman, a Baptistgave William his first memorable experience with Christianity when he was six, and she discussed with him the importance of going to heaven or hell.

The two gentleman chiefs were Squanto and Samoset, that were so good to the Pilgrims. His counselors and interpreters, with the Pilgrims, were witnesses to these deeds. Now, who would have blamed this venerable old chief if he had declared war at once and swept the whole colonies away? And to think, too, that these diseases were carried among them on purpose to destroy them.

Brothers, you see these little ones, our wives and children, who are looking to us for food and raiment; and you now see the foe before you, that they have grown insolent and bold; that all our ancient customs are disregarded; the treaties made by our fathers and us are broken, and all of us insulted; our council fires disregarded, and all the ancient customs of our fathers; our brothers murdered before our eyes, and their spirits cry to us for revenge.

Yea, every charter that has been given was given with the view of driving the Indians out of the states, or dooming them to become chained under desperate laws, that would make them drag out a miserable life as one chained to the galley; and this is the course that has been pursued for nearly two hundred years. A note on logistics: How does he connect his account of seventeenth-century events with the political situation in ?

Therefore, upon the 12th of August, Captain Church surrounded the swamp where Philip and his men had encamped, early in the morning, before they had risen, doubtless led on by an Indian who was either compelled or hired to turn traitor. With all the combined arts of cultivated talents of the Old and New World.


I say, then, a different course must be pursued, and different laws must be enacted, and all men must operate under one general law. Neither do I approve of war as being the best method of bowing to the haughty tyrant, Man, and civilizing the world.

He describes the joy he gained from sermons, and the depression he suffered when Mr. When Philip and his men had come near the place, some of the Plymouth people were ready to attack him; this rashness was, however, prevented by the commissioner of Massachusetts, who met there with the governor to treat with Philip; and it was agreed upon to meet in the meetinghouse.

Although it is said by many that the Indians had no rights, neither do they regard their rights; nor can they look a white man in the face and ask him for them. We turn our attention to the datesJanuary and March, when Mr.

“Eulogy on King Philip as Pronounced at the Odeon”

William Apes was a Pequot writer and orator. And we find Philip as active as the wind, as dexterous as a giant, firm as the pillows of heaven, and fierce as a lion, a powerful foe to contend with indeed, and as swift as an eagle, gathering together his forces to prepare them for the battle. How does he position himself apesz a speaker?

King Philip Dying for His Country. Heathenlike, either by the sword, calumny, or deception of every kind; and the late duels among the [so] called high men of honor is sufficient to warrant my statements. I trust not; and if another nation should come to these regions and begin to rob and plunder all that came in their way, would not the orators of the day be called to address the people and arouse them to war for such insults?

Perhaps, while these ladies were so careful to review the queen, they had forgot that she was truly one of the greatest women there was among them, although not quite so white.

Church rulogy now placed his guard so that it was impossible for Philip to escape without being shot.