Free Essay: This is a story about how the balloon explores the public’s response to it and the relationship with the narrator conscience. The balloon itself. THE BALLOON Source for information on The Balloon by Donald Barthelme, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary. Complete summary of Donald Barthelme’s The Balloon. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Balloon.

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The Balloon by Donald Barthelme

How would I react if it was to happen to me? The audience thinks about the Balloon.

The plot is simple. I found this adorable, although I do get frustrated when people have conceptions of art that are different to mine, and this is one of those times.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Instill a student, he wrote his first articles for the Houston Post.

Finally “it was suggested” that the virtue of the balloon, given all these intersections, was its “randomness. French deconstructionist philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy chimes in this conversation when he states: The speaker, however, warns: Posted by Charles May at 8: These very characteristics, of course, placed Barthelme with such writers as Robert Coover, William H.

Patrick’s Day 1 St. I like the Balloon, I hate the balloon, this Balloon is illegal and cannot be here? Barthelme does something extraordinary here, only suggested in the volume’s other excellent stories “Indian Uprising” and “Me and Miss Mandible. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Refresh and try again.

The Balloon

The short story as a genre has always been more likely to lay bare its fictionality than the novel, which has traditionally tried to cover it tbe. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia.


He seemed much closer to his mother and agreeable to her strictures. What is the Balloon, why is it here? Mike rated it really liked it Jun 21, Modern Language Association http: Barthelme’s relationship with his father ballkon a struggle between a rebellious son and a demanding father. For instance, with his usual satire on the experts and wordplay on “inflation” he writes: I have submitted a proposal to a publisher and am waiting for a reply.

Boyle The Fugitive 1 T.

About Me Charles May. The Genesis of a Bwlloon Soundpublished in I have been taking some time off because I have been abrthelme on a new book on the short story. Reading Alice Munro’s “Floating Bridge”. Jul 17, Tash rated it it was amazing. With his third wife Birgit, a Dane, he had his first child, a daughter named Anne, and near the end of his life he married Marion, with whom he had his second daughter, Kate.

Consequently, some of Barthelme’s pieces insist that the reader have a background knowledge of contemporary philosophic thought albeit philosophic thought that has become cheapened by public chatwhile others are based on popular culture. Thus, initially, the apparent purposelessness of the balloon proved vexing for all the hardheaded city officers and municipal officials.

Also I just really love the balloon as a choice of metaphor or I suppose this could be seen as a literal art piece within a piece of fiction as wellit just brings such, sorry for repeating myself, soft whimsy to something that could otherwise be made into something complicated and dense. When I was teaching the short story, I prepared for each class thoroughly, taking more notes than necessary to help me remember the most im The Balloon is art and made for people to see and enjoy and wonder upon.


Karan Singh rated it it was ok Dec 19, Dubliners Centenial One hundred years ago, the great collection of stories Dubliners by James Joyce appeared. Barthelme’s independence also shows in his moving away from the family’s Roman Catholicism his mother was especially devouta separation that troubled Barthelme throughout his life as did the distance with his father.

Fictional self-consciousness in the short story does not allow the reader to maintain the comfortable assumption that what is depicted is real; instead, the reader is made uncomfortably aware that the only reality is the process of depiction itself–the language act of the fiction-making process. Readers schooled in the realistic tradition of the nineteenth-century novel found Donald Barthelme tough reading indeed.

Want to Read saving…. As the balloon is to the speaker so is the story to the balloon. If you are interested in my comments on that collection, see my posts in April when the book was featured in Dublin’s “One City, One Book. Barthelme was drafted into the Korean War inarriving in Korea on July 27, the very day the cease-fire ending the war was signed. Emily rated it liked it Apr 28, Sure, kids can run, jump, slide and bounce on the thing but why the hell is it there in the first place?

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.