A catalog of User Guides and Owner’s Manuals for Beseler enlargers and darkroom products available Beseler 67C Condenser Enlarger Manual (blue model). Documents Similar To Beseler 67c Enlarger Manual. SRTServiceManual. Uploaded by. Mario Lamprea · Beseler 45MXII Enlarger. Uploaded by. This camera manual is for reference and historical purposes, all rights reserved. Beseler periodically updates products and therefore illustrations and 67(2). ). TCS-ENLARGER. EXPLODED VIEW. IO – X. (

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That’s a pretty amnual climb, but nowhere near high enough to cause any negative damage. A 35mm chamber was not available, nor did Beseler announce any plans for making one available. Jul 8, 5. By replacing the 23C head with that of the 67C, Beseler has done several things.

I’ve edited them a little for brevity. How Beseler achieved this unusual result is a mystery, but we hope they engrave the formula in bronze and keep it safe. Mounted on the 16 x 23″. I know this is a “budget” enlarger, but I still think I should be able to align it better than it is now. I noticed that some of my really detailed negs came out slightly out of focus when printing with grain focuser 8×8 prints from 6×6 negs shot in my rolleiflex mx.

Beselr also note we will not be available to answer questions or assist with problems during this period.


Beseler 67C (early) Enlarger Instruction Manual

But when we switched beeeler a 35mm negative and a 50mm lens, exposures increased dramatically. This is easily accounted for when you consider that the broad spread of light for the beseoer will naturally cause a drop in intensity on the smaller 35mm area where greater light concentration is needed. We hope Beseler will do this in the near future. This is simply lifted out. The 67C heads, both black-and-white and color, are much less complex and therefore less expensive.

As time goes on, designs for enlargers become increasingly better.

Beseler 67C (early) Enlarger Instruction Manual

That could be a problem; we’ll discuss it later. It was written by Norman J. The mixing chamber used for our test covered the full mnaual format.

There is a mass movement back to the darkroom in this country. Modern’s Editors were uniformly impressed by the workmanship, careful design and execution of the Beseler 67C. Lifting a panel on the front of the lamphouse gives you total and easy access to everything inside–condensers, filter frame, heat absorbing glass and the lamp itself. Castings are used in places where stampings would be expected. Although the power supply is essential, it is sold as a separate item.

It is a lot of mahual for a moderate sum of money. Jul 8, 6.

Ollinger’s Guide to Photographic Enlargers: Beseler 67 Series Enlargers

Two heavy springs maintain the elevated position or clamp the negative carrier firmly in place—so firmly that, even though the negative carriers have tabs on them to allow rapid negative shifting, you’d better have strong fingers to resist the springs. These points are relatively minor for most workers and in fact can be considered an advantage on the logic that “if you aren’t going to use it, why pay for it?


You see, there is no retaining lip on the front of the filter mount, so when you move it toward you, the filter goes it’s own way. The Charles Beseler company began in making scientific and lab equipment, and began producing enlargers in It has three optional, interchangable heads: If you put a 8×10 piece of glass on the neg stage and check the distance of each corner is to the baseboard, you can level it.

Here again the mechanical action was very positive–a sign of good design and workmanship. Topics covered in the manual include: Information Desk New customer? Well get into that when we talk about the lack of a 35mm mixing chamber.

The mixing chamber is shaped like a small, slope-roofed house with a small window to allow light to enter.