Psihologija ličnosti: teorije istraživanja / Lawrence A.. Bukvar teorije ličnosti: sažet prikaz osnovnih pitanja teorija ličnosti. prevod Vojin Stojić. K. Hol i G. Lindzi (): Teorije ličnosti (Frojd: ; Erikson: ; Jung: ; Adler: ; B. Popović (): Bukvar psihologije ličnosti (str. KRATAK PREGLED TEORIJA KRIMINALA (Sara Sremčević) Ničeov ‘Antihrist’ (F. Nietzsche, Der Antichrist), bukvar za svakoga ko želi Kriminalom se bave i nepsihopatske ličnosti, ali s obzirom na to da se ovaj rad.

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Teprije classroom is decorated according to the size of the student, and teoriue corner is equipped with a teaching tool: Autor je i realizator mnogobrojnih seminara, predavanja, tribina, konferencija, veb konferencija i onlajn seminara. To follow modern education technology, to follow innovations, but also to innovate, to explore the best methods of work and to bukva improve. The author of the blog is an outline of golden ideas, through whom she communicates with her students and their parents.

In the first years, students were running a half-marathon, while in they face the greatest challenge-marathon. The whole program is supposed to draw attention to the unacceptably large number of spelling errors, to influence the development of accountability and awareness of the importance of respecting the spelling because the rules without application mean nothing.

Spelling in pictures and words

bu,var Prizes in competitions are not absent, and participating in numerous competitions, Gordana teacher motivates and inspires children to work and creativity, and influences talented children to progress and learn more. For two years he has been participating licosti the creation of winter workshops at the Republic Winter Seminar at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. In many festivals at the city and state level, they won the place from the first place to the third one.

  DIN 3771-1 PDF

About the Department Study Programs Courses Listening attentively to the impulses not only of his classroom, but of the entire educational reality, he placed himself among the licnosit of a new teaching practice.

She organized a literary competition Children have right, dedicated to the fight against peer violence and all other forms of violence.

Her classroom is a space for the research on how much technology can help in gaining both new knowledge and skills in the 21st century, But, she partially moved the classroom to the virtual world as well. Svoje radove postavlja i na Jutjub kanal. Rewarded educators in previous years. Dobitnik je nekoliko nagrada: As a great lover of new technologies, by which he implements some of his classes, he is approaching the contemporary way of life and learning of his students.

Applies to teacher’s teaching, puppetry in Serbian language classes, drama method at math classes and the world around us, the technique of Six Hats for the development of the research spirit of students, integrative teaching, etc. She has been working in an undivided school for thirteen years.

Coordinator of the program at the school level – electronic testing for students in the 4th grade. This is way for students to make progress according to their abilities.

Psychology | Универзитет у Београду – Филозофски факултет

He thinks that it is necessary to encourage children, provide them with new sources of information outside the classroom, enable them to hear, feel and touch the science in order to be scientifically literate and ready to cope with the new technologies of the 21st century. Several of her works have been included in the knowledge base “Creative schools” and “We learned about the seminar in practice”.

Changes happen in her work every day. In the teaching process, he applies modern methods and forms of work, such as active learning, reverse classroom, peer learning, and outside of it leads students to the winter camp of physics, prepares them for competitions, and includes in the online system of additional classes Physics in the Cloud – Skiffs.


The main problems in the study of personality the problems of existence, location, description and understanding of personality, the problem of explaining human activity, problems of agency, potentiality and normality. She likes team work and she often wins awards and plays in the team. Autor je dramskih tekstova i lutkarskih predstava https: Trudi se da svoju nastavu diferencira i individualizuje, kroz grupni rad, rad u paru, kroz radionice i nastavne projekte.

He liccnosti the author of seminars and integration, correlation, occupation – integrative teaching, which came from experiential work in the classroom. Acquiring fundamental knowledge in personality psychology in the light of the basic concepts of philosophy and philosophy of science as a basis for understanding the most important debates and approaches in this field.

In her school she is known as someone who unselfishly helps her colleagues in their wish to advance.

The basic meta-problems in studying personality ontological, epistemological, methodological and practical ; b. I have never seen anyone who cares more about the pupils before, and again, they treat each other equally. Two years ago she became a pedagogical counsellor, a co-author of the history course book for the sixth grade, Epoha Voli i ceni rad.