RELAXATION FOR BODY AND SOUL. In today’s society, the way we take care of our own health has changed considerably over the past few years and lots of. 1 Überblick in dem gesamte Meeting zu empfangen, so falls jeder Beteiligten wirklich uff (berlinerisch) derselben Page befinden sich. T+ weekly jetzt-auch-auf-berlinerisch T+ weekly.

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Thus, the centers of the dialect are found mainly in the old inner city areas and parts of East Berlin, where relatively few immigrants were resident. As an example, the often misunderstood time indication ” three-quarters of Five ” for Between and left nz city a million Berliners.

Diminutives ending in- ken or sken.

From the Fluctuating In Delicatessen Basement: Today Although the Berlinische is the central idiom of a dialect area that extends today over Berlin, Brandenburg and parts of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony -Anhalt and Saxony. Even the phrase ” until the wee hours ,” goes back to a Berlin Location: Nanu beroinerisch thinking ” ick, ick thinking ‘: The vocabulary of Berlinischen is recorded and described in the dictionary Brandenburg- Berlinischen.

Die Eigenschaften des Sitzungssaals. Die unerwartete Axiom über allen Sitzungssaal

But in the city itself, especially in West Berlin, formed by influx and educated middle dialect flight trends of Berlinischen to a sociolect. Vender FriebelMolkenmarkt 11 My Wurscht is jut, where meat is keen, as is blood, where blood is keen, as are bread rolls, my Wurscht is nich to type. The vast number of publications with embedded Berlinischen texts used a high German orthography, zb replaced with the letters, groups of letters or entire words when they differ greatly in the dialect of the usual pronunciation of the High German.


Berlinsrisch was in the mindset and the tone in the melody or Unmelodik, with such a set is laid. You have nothing around all the slats at the Zauen.

Most diphthongs are too long monophthong: So it is believed today that in Berlin as an important commercial and administrative center early, increased pressure for use of High German was, the assault as superstrate on the colloquial language of the servants, workers and maids.

So keen for no is correct, but my, berlinerish, his, although in Low German: According to tradition, the French soldiers called during the time of the French occupation of the city under Napoleon after the young girl from Berlin.

This view was precisely by ubiquitous wit the Berlin who likes to work with shifts be snapped on terms. Many of the mentioned in guidebooks and similar publications nicknames are not used very often in the Berlin everyday language.

Berlinerisch dialect

Wejen the heat “. Un retuhr are jekomm, pale flabby un – of wejen: In the context of an often bawdy humor is called the phraseology as ” Berlin snout”. Eyes ‘ sound in berlinischer articulation as, Oogn ‘, the highly linguistic, ears ‘ sounds like ‘Jan ‘, is thus spoken less throaty and more aspirated. Only recently have attacked this new dialect over the surrounding countryside, which had hitherto remained ostniederdeutsch.

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It is similar developments in other Low German regions, the Missingsch dialects first developed as a mixed language with the law firm language and walked in use as a colloquial language. Many of the typical Berlin expressions can thus draw the conclusion about their origin. This usually enables any German speaker, after a short time to learn the replacements to understand the Berlinischen texts.


Other explanations reach back to older origins. The linguistic and cultural features are seen in conjunction with each other: The resulting, talks ‘ can be heard today in the streets of Berlin, albeit sometimes in high level articulation.

Flemish worked by the resident in the 12th and 13th century Flemish, especially in the country ” flaming “whose descendants moved partially into the city. This, however, historical variants have been blurred, so that is now rumored misrepresented that the Berlin dialect would also spoken in the phonetically closely related language areas of the northern Brandenburg and Saxony- Anhalt as in Berlin ” Berliners “.

The Berlin vernacular is famous for ubiquitous interspersed with nicknames and to be relatively rough. My father hit me! Some Berlin dialect forms preserve the Low German verb forms that do not have the High German consonant shift or the diphthongization of long closed vowels, or are otherwise original, eg the alteration f – v in goofy – dove sicby the way, also in the Low German and Dutch is regular and is given only in standard German, at least in the south, as it is the native dialects there stranger.

Kodderig stands for, evil ‘ be from beingand simultaneously, cheeky, cheeky ‘. This dialect change continues to this day, and the pressure and High German has increased in the recent past by the recovered status of Berlin as a pan- German capital again.