Investigador de la obra de Nostradamus desde el Autor de los libros: Caesarem de Nostradamus, Nostradamus camino hacia el Apocalipsis y de las. LETTREE PREFACE de MICUEL NOSTRADAMUS Ad Caesarem Nostradamus filium vie et félicité Ton tarad advènement César Notredame, mon fils, m’a faict. Nostradamus said that God had given him the power to see the future. Ad Caesarem Nostradamus filium”, in E. Leoni, Nostradamus, Life and Literature ( New.

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One will see blood to rain on the rocks, Sun in the East, Saturn in the West: Sleeping, in a dream, the king will see the enemy not in war or of military blood.

The ancient lady will fall from her high place, Several of the same sect will be killed. He made captive poorly by his feet and hands. The Augur putting his hand upon the head of the King Will come to pray for the peace of Italy: A thing existing without any senses will cause its own end to happen through artifice.

The greater army put to flight in disorder, Scarcely further will it be pursued: Near the Douro by the closed Tyrian sea, He will come to pierce the great Pyrenees mountains. The wind will be strongly against the troops, They will be driven away through lime, dust and ashes. Their fate is to be divided as they depart.

Caesarem de Nostradamus

There will appear towards the North Not far from Cancer the bearded star: Noetradamus which is enclosed in iron and letter in a fish, Out will go one who will then make war, He will have his fleet well rowed by sea, Appearing near Latin land.

Such a great assembly then pours forth that Vienna and the land of Austria will tremble. Hurried on foot they will come to pursue so closely That the day will see a conflict near Ganges. The large mastiff expelled from the city Will be vexed by the strange alliance, After having chased the stag to the fields The wolf and the Bear will defy each other. Cookies are little nuggets of information that web servers store on your computer to make it easier for them to keep track of your browsing session.


Around the Pyrenees mountains a great throng Of foreign people to aid the new King: The big mastiff will howl all night When the great pontiff will change country. Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller, for a long time the lands will be inhabited peacefully.

From the deepest part of the English West Where the head of the British isle is A fleet will enter the Gironde through Blois, Through wine and salt, fires hidden in the casks. Seven times will you see the British nation change, Steeped in blood in years: Army reassembled and the legion reduced, Then it will be chased out completely from the Gauls.

One will have the two fleets brought to the great one, When through the evil the latter shoots him in the forehead. A throng approaches coming from Slaconia, The old Destroyer the city will ruin: Leaderless people of Spain and Italy Dead, overcome within the Peninsula: The great famine which I sense approaching will often turn in various areas then become world wide.

Isles seized help shut off by sea, Your traitor will swim on land. On both sides they will cause such loss That one will bless the Bark and its cope.

Pristine law, free edict drawn up, The wall and the Prince falls on the seventh day. Near a great bridge near a spacious plain the great lion with the Imperial forces will cause a falling outside the austere city.

The year that Saturn will be conjoined in Aquarius With the Sun, the very powerful King Will be received and anointed at Reims and Aix, After conquests he will murder the innocent.

Guard deceived, fort seized in the press, Loire, Saone, Rhone, Gar, mortal outrage. Lots drawn for the half to be murdered: Overview Music Video Charts. His body hung on the sail-yard of the ship, Confused it will flee by oars against the wind. cxesarem


One of the greatest ones will flee to Spain Which will thereafter come to bleed in a long wound: People will pass by the sea in infinite numbers, Without a quarter of a million escaping. Throughout his realm the fleur-de-lys deserted: One year before the Italian conflict, Germans, Gauls, Spaniards for the fort: The seaside track will come near the high valley, when the Spanish open every route.

There will be unleashed live fire, hidden death, Horrible and frightful within the globes, By nostradamua the city reduced to dust by the fleet, The caeaarem afire, the enemy amenable.

Sects, famine, kingdoms, plagues, confusion.

After the rather long rain milk, In several places in Reims the sky touched: A chief of Ausonia will go to Spain By sea, he will make a stop in Marseilles: The great tube is nostradamuss in the trunk.

All around the great city Soldiers will be lodged throughout the fields and towns: But he will soon come to agree to far greater things which will cause all his line to die.

Les Propheties – Wikisource, the free online library

Of Trojan blood will be born a Germanic heart Who will rise to very high power: Then for the great brothers dissension and death. By his disciples invited to be immortal, Eyes to the south.

You can download Apple Books from the App Store. A great cry will sound through all Slavonia, Then a faesarem will be born near and within Ravenna.