“Can’t Be Saved” is the second single from Senses Fail’s second album, Still Searching. The music video was first introduced through AOL Music on May The new FiberChek probe completely automates your fiber inspection workflow. Built-in image viewing, auto-focus, Pass/Fail analysis with WiFi, Bluetooth and. The following videos take a closer look at the FiberChek Probe, highlighting key features, controls and Your browser cannot play this video. The following video highlights a time saving workflow feature that lets users configure the.

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A large selection of inspection tips is available to accommodate different bulkhead or patch cord connectors. Failure criteria are simply the thresholds that determine what is not acceptable. Other methods of payment are outlined through the online checkout process. Flat Lens Optical devices that collimate light using a flat lens to a desired beam diameter; when selecting this setting, specify cladding diameter.

It is powered through the universal serial bus USB port and utilizes a blue coaxial light emitting diode LED light source with an advanced camera system to produce a high resolution fiber end face image. In fact, xave only time you need to change any of the hardware on az probe is when you attach a new inspection tip, as discussed later.

To toggle between high and low magnification select Live Video Magnification from the View Menu and choose either High or Low from the fly-out menu.

Can’t Be Saved

To re-sort the order of the profiles, highlight the Profile you would like to move. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a Quote on Something you don’t see fibercyek2 our inventory, sometimes we have items that may have not been listed or processed yet.


It eliminates the need to access the backside of patch panels or disassemble hardware devices prior to inspection. If you are looking for multiple quantities or cat we don’t have a listing for a particular item that you are looking for. It should either be 24bit or 32bit. When you are ready to test the fiber, ensure you have the correct profile selected and then click the Test Fiber! Brings up the Company Information dialog, fibechek2 allows you to edit information about your company or organization.

Patch cords can also be viewed using a FMA Series adapter with a universal flare adapter see page 6. To initialize the drivers you need to do the following: Therefore, short scratches that exist away from the core will be less likely to result in a failure condition dependent on the failure criteria you are checking against.

‎FiberChekMOBILE on the App Store

Put the device into service. VIA also works, but is not recommended.

Launches a wizard to guide you through performing a calibration. For a given profile, these should all generally be set to the same level, however, you can try a different combination of settings if your application demands it. It is possible to have two images displayed live at the same time in two different windows. All data acquired can be saved and archived for later extraction and analysis.

If there is no discernible fiber image or metal-ring, then it is a flat lens.

Can’t Be Saved – Wikipedia

These dedicated tips are designed to inspect connectors that are mounted within a bulkhead adapter in-situ inspection. Toggle the display view between live fiber image and captured fiber image. Cwnt payment is expected within 5 days after the auction close. Pack the equipment in its original shipping material, if possible.


Scratches that touch the core are problematic because they create back reflection. To send any equipment for service or repair: Scratches are much more easily detected at high magnification than low magnification; the visual evidence that they exist may be weak or non-existent on the low-mag image. A lot of equipment LCDs mainly are meant to work at a specific resolution.

Click Install to begin software install.

The Edit Profile window contains an array of parameters that allow for a highly flexible method of defining a failure condition. For example, if you need to check both male connectors patch cords and receptacles bulkhead adapters, transceivers, etc. Determine whether you see one of the following 3 images: Confirm the install settings. Attach the appropriate Inspection Tip to the end of the barrel fibeerchek2. Backlighting of the fiber illuminates the core and allows you to inspect its condition.

Opens FiberChek2 Help dialog containing linked information and guide to troubleshooting error messages. You may want to copy an existing profile and simply modify it to speed up the cany. If you have zoomed in you can pan across the image by left-clicking and holding within the image and then dragging in the desired direction.

As you turn the Focus Control, you will see a variety of different images at multiple focal points inside the device.

We fiberfhek2 a large inventory of quality refurbished and used test equipment from all the major manufacturers.