By Carl Menger; On the Origins of Money. On the Origins of Money. Carl Menger. History of Economic Thought Articles, , vol. 2, Date: The Origins of Money [Carl Menger, Douglas E French] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Written in the same year that he testified before. The Origins of Money has ratings and 18 reviews. Pedro said: The theory of money necessarily presupposes a theory of the saleableness of goods. If w.

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However, history shows that central bankers have but one strategy to cure all things, especially their past mistakes: Dec 05, Pablo74 rated it liked it. Apr 09, Joe Femino rated it really liked it.

Mises Daily Articles

Feb 24, Sijing rated it really liked it Shelves: It is a good place to start in terms of reading through Austrian Economics. Paperback54 pages.

Brief primer on how money is created, and then solidified. So while Menger believed that the state might adopt metals as money, it could not legislate into existence a worthless item as money. I don’t actually say that Menger was a Chartalist. It really is a slow process to learn about the market’s economy and it’s concepts but with an evolutionary perspective it becomes the most natural thing.

The average Joe and Jane must trust the wise men and women working secretly in central banks around the world with what passes for money — paper and digits on a computer screen. Om was just my humble opinion. Written in the same od that he testified before the Currency Commission in Austria-Hungary, and published in English inCarl Menger explains that it is not government edicts that create money but instead the marketplace.


Sadly, the world’s economies continue to gyrate between continuous booms and busts while money is in the hands of the world’s central bankers. If we grasp this, we shall be able to understand menher the almost unlimited saleableness of money is only a special case, – presenting only a difference of degree – of a generic phenomenon of economic life – namely, the difference in the saleableness of commodities in general” p. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It goes into more detail on the origins, whereas Rothbard’s book covers more detail on weights, sizes, etc.

The fifth chapter is, for instance, extremely enlightening and a prime example of what textbooks should be written like. A captivating read anyway, which could provide a good companion to undergraduates first learning about Walrasian models and finding little to relate to in the infamous welfare theorems. Could have just said “Money arises as people begin to use a good with extreme liquidity across time and space, and with low storage and transport costs, to facilitate exchanges that are otherwise mismatched across time and space.

However, it happens to represent three major steps towards a more complete and authentic grasp of the real nature of money: Helps point out the common sensical evolution of money. Comicbook rated it liked it Dec 26, The hopes, dreams, and living standards of millions are affected daily by these faceless bureaucrats who supposedly know tue which monetary buttons to push and levers to pull to insure our prosperity.


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The state could construct a system of coinage and thereby perfect an existing metallic monetary system, but not create a system based on intrinsically worthless materials. Refresh and cadl again.

And hence there runs, from the first essays of reflective contemplation of a social phenomenon down to our own times, an uninterrupted chain of disquisitions upon the nature and specific qualities of money in its relation to all that constitutes traffic. Marc rated it it was car Jul 05, It is the spontaneous evolution of these human actions momey create institutions whereby individuals discover certain patterns of behavior that aid each person in attaining his goals more efficiently.

Very important to understanding the whole of economics. I understood here the concept of liquidity. Dec 08, Hongliang rated it liked it.

Menger Explains the Origins of Money | Mises Institute

Both are short and very informative. Menger always was a pure metallist: The danger of this subtle handicap is present in the modern car, between money and credit. No trivia or quizzes yet. Find herein a history of Money as a spontaneous construct, and, maybe more interestingly, as a platonic ideal.