CBM/CBM Datasheet. Chipsbank Microelectronics Co., Ltd. No ,2/F,Building No.4,Keji Central Road 2,. Software Park,High-Tech Industrial. CBM Datasheet, CBM PDF, Fastest & Securest USB Flash Disk Controller. Chipsbank umptoolX [CBM CBM CBM], , (44) .. CBM Datasheet [] ; download; size: bytes.

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USB(ZIP/LS120-)Booting with minimalist MBR code and GRLDR

I got it from e-bay some time ago, but I have NO actual Mb media. It might be bootable. So there was no need to ever format a ZIP diskette as “Superfloppy”. There were two main drive capacities: FDISK to create partitions on them the latter datassheet not recommended, though.

Community Forum Software by IP. So I had a nearly unfiltered access to Interrupt 13h and to my stick. Sounds like you were having fun! You currently have javascript disabled. After fbinst successfully gains control, it can boot grldr of grub4dos, syslinux, grub2, burg, and datasheeet more. In a wider sense, all these mentioned legacy magnetic storage media might be called “Superfloppies”, since they had nearly or exactly the physical dimensions, look and handling of legacy Floppy diskettes.



They took my comments and no doubt others on board. Posted 27 January – To get the same drive Floppy style, MBR got hidden by just shifting each access to sectors by 32 sectors upwards.

CBM Datasheet PDF – Chipsbank Microelectronics

Please log in to reply. Posted dataseet January – The result was this layout and a hardware trick: Feel free to experiment with my work. Posted 17 January – Reliability was comparable to legacy Floppies keyword for ZIP: I notice that the first two non-bootable have USBSTOR as the service name but the last two bootable do not – which is datasheeet strange coincidence – or was this a typo???

I bet, someone did it anyway. But could Cod11 German, too? It’s output has nothing to do with the issue. Its advantage is, that it continues booting the next boot device, when a key is pressed no infinite loop, if not removed.

CBM Datasheet Chipsbank Microelectronics pdf data sheet FREE from

This may interest you: HDD on any of my other systems. Posted 26 January – My Way to success: After all they are not dumb sticks: The Tool Box to share with you: Do not forget the duplicated root FAT, when moving to a new location.


Posted 07 September – Unfortunately the criteria are not foreseeable. Posted 09 February – Iomega ZIP-Disk-Drive Iomega, the manufacturer of this type of removable magnetic storage medium, had in principle a good idea: The sticks respond differently to BIOS interrogation e.

I’m in doubt, see below. You come to a conclusion that the controller is the important thing but with no proof