Il volume presenta il C.C.N.L. per i lavoratori addetti alla piccola e media industria metalmeccanica ed alla installazione di impianti. Il contratto ha. On 20 January , the social partners in the metalworking sector signed the Union (Unione italiana lavoratori metalmeccanici, Uilm-Uil [4]). In July , the draft agreement for renewal of the national sectoral collective CCNL) for workers in the retail and services sectors was signed by the Federation of Metalworkers (Federazione Italiana Metalmeccanici.

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Reactions of social partners The employer organisation Confcommercio expressed its satisfaction with the agreement. With our four divisions we operate in the supply of machines and services for all the strategic. Subscriptions to Revolutionary Perspectives 3 issues and Aurora at least 4 issues are: Subscriptions to Revolutionary Perspectives 3 issues and Aurora at least 4 issues are:.

Un passo avanti nelle relazioni industriali venne fatto nelcon la firma del cosiddetto “accordo di [ It is evident from the social partner reactions to the draft agreement that conflict between the metalworking trade unions and the employer organisations continues to be high, even after the bargaining for the new industry-wide agreement has ended.

Metalmeccanici piccola e media industria confapi () :

The main aspects of the agreement which Filcams-Cgil deemed unacceptable concerned the introduction of compulsory Sunday work and the extension of working time. The improvement in North America was mainly due to the special foundations.

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It does not match my search. Click to share this page to LinkedIn securely. About us Articles News Catalogue Forum. I settori economici prevalenti sono l’industria leggera.


Con riferimento alle sanzioni disciplinari irrogabili nei riguardi di detti Dipendenti esse rientrano tra quelle previste dal Contratto Collettivo [ Innovative aspects of agreement The new agreement covers about one and a half million workers, including a large proportion of female workers, and will be valid until 31 December Strike of shop workers in France.

In terms of health and safety at the workplace, the agreement stipulates that companies must inform all workers on specific company problems relative to safety on the job; as a rule, this type of information should be updated every six months. The criteria of applying GNP to the calculation of fees did not reflect the realities on the ground in India where membership fees also had metalmmeccanici be paid at the.

The draft agreement was reached through the mediation of the then Minister of Labour, Cesaro Damiano. Click to share this page to LinkedIn securely.

The agreement also stipulates that, in the case of workers already employed on fixed-term contracts by the same company, the probationary period must be reduced or annulled. Brief news Chinese crackdown on worker unrest.

Centro Studi LABLAW

Fatto salvo quanto previsto dalla contrattazione sindacale di livello nazionale [ The reference agreement for executives is the National Metalmeccankci Labour Agreement dated 23 May for the managers of industrial enterprises, updated to include the text signed on 24 November with the corrections agreed on metalmeccnaici and 3 December and subsequent amendments and integrations.

Protracted negotiations On 20 Januarythe social partners in the metalworking sector signed the draft agreement for renewal of the national industry-wide collective agreement. Background In Julythe draft agreement metalmeccanii renewal of the national sectoral collective agreement contratto collettivo nazionale di lavoroCCNL for workers in the retail and services sectors was signed by the Meetalmeccanici Confederation of Trade, Tourism, Services and SMEs Confederazione generale del commercio, del turismo, dei servizi delle professioni e delle PMIConfcommercioalong with two of the three largest sectoral trade unions: The most significant change in relation to working time is the introduction of compulsory Sunday work in enterprises whose activities are organised on a seven-day basis.


During — after renewal of the metalworker [ During — after renewal of the metalworker. At the same time, the minimum number of weekly working hours for part-time employment contracts has been raised to 18 hours. You are here Home Article National collective agreement in metalworking industry renewed.

Moreover, the advance notice required for annual paid leave — seven days in total, in addition to the 27 days of statutory paid leave — is reduced to 15 days, while company management is free to move one of the seven days to the following year; the worker, however, may ask for payment instead or move the day to the so-called rest-hours account. However, the time off must be taken within a hour time span and a rest period of nine hours is to be guaranteed.

Create new account Request new password. Nevertheless, the positions of mettalmeccanici unions and employers are still too distant for a joint revision of the bargaining 2008 to be possible in the near future.