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You must log in or sign up to reply here. After a 3 day rally it fell decently. I don’t care about private jets or trying to be some Donald Trump type I am waiting for the price and SL to dip a little and then long it. Then assuming tomorrow shows any strength, the SL will turn up to create a higher low and a very positive line picture.

Looking forward to your journal. Hi slacker, I place stops based on resistance levels. By averaging the short term price indicator we get a reasonable indicator or intermediate term price flow in this setup, the flow of price over a couple weeks or so All the lines are imperfect indicators which are reasonably reliable, as Chick Goslin says, but far from perfect. Be meager with withdrawals. Good profits on those. Having a professional to guide me is what allowed me to grow my account very fast.

Copper sank a little more but nothing eventful. This is used to get an idea of short term price flow. Cihck, My name is Ashan and this is will be a snippet of my daily trading journal, mainly the trades I make and why.


This would set up the picture to be quite positive because it could start a series of higher lows and highs in the SL like a step ladder for short term price energy as well as pull up the ML, which is goslkn medium term price energy indicator. NQ has a strong tendancy to lead the dow so this is a good upside sign. I devote a lot of time to reading the markets and writing in my journal each day.

I’ll post a screenshot tomorrow. Cuick my positions are on the heavy side right now.

My Chick Goslin “Intelligent Futures Trading” Journal

This is a very volatile market which requires wider stops than normal. I use some very bare bones technical indicators. Timing moves is much easier said than done. ZB performed negatively today. I also share a similar idea on the RE market Discussion in ‘ Journals toslin started by AshanDJun 3, Live like a broke shmoe until I hit my financial goal.

First we are buying on a possible dip. Any more upside tomorrow would once again turn the SL up and create a higher low in the SL.

Because of this a margin of error is used on each one. I do not try to time these brief moves anymore, for all I know there may not chivk be one.

F H Chick Goslin

I am a huge fan of Chick. I respect your goals and I think that is the way to go in this game.

Thanks guys, feel free to post any time. I am trying to dump the crude oil contract, limit Intermediate term pressure as seen through the ML is the second most important, with short term pressure being the least important. I also only check my balance about every 2 weeks. I do want complete financial freedom, the ability to do as I please with my time.


The SL is up but because of a 3 day rally which I believe will be cut short soon.

I could rewrite Chicks entire book explaining the decision making process for entering a trade, but the basic idea is this: As expected, the SL turned down today. No, create an account now. I had to widen the stops on that up to to guard against a sharp rally which this market likes to do sometimes. Basically the trend supports this trade but the ML does not. Ask any questions and I will answer. The ML, or middle line. Chick stopped his letter In early March.

Chick Goslin Method – Jamil Raza Trading Journal

Often times there will be an explosive sudden rally in some of the more volatile markets. Stocks, financials, voslin, energies, metals, grains, and softs.

Yen did not catch my limit order yesterday but I shorted it today at 9. NQ was the most positive and Dow the least. I am shortign this market because bot the trend and ML are down. Trade on as little emotion as possible.