The Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel is an ancient Maya book also called the prophecy of Chilam Balam. Download the public domain. The Mayan Chilam Balam books are named after Yucatec towns such as Chumayel, Mani, and Tizimin, and are usually collections of disparate texts in which. CHILAM BALAM OF CHUMAYEL. by RALPH L. ROYS. [] of the Spanish Conquest · XV: The Prophecy of Chilam Balam and the Story of Antonio Martinez.

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Balak following is an overview of the sorts of texts—partly of Mesoamerican, and partly of Spanish derivation—found in the Chilam Balam books. This priestly cult made use of verbal formulas which were not in common circulation and which had a meaning only in connection with the practice of their profession.

Chilam Balam Index

Brinton, however, by some oversight, omitted not only the Roman numeral but the words Uaxac ahau as well, and brought the historical note into line with Labun ahau, which is the chumayeel of the preceding katun.

University of Oklahoma Press. This day name, with a cardinal number from one to thirteen attached to it, appears, not only as a means of distinguishing a particular day occurring at certain intervals in the calendar, but also as a means of chumaye fying thekatuns.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Brinton’s translations of the abstracts which he published stand as the result of a conscientious effort to render the Maya text into intelligible English.

Words and Worlds of the Chilam Balam.

I wish to record also my very deep obligation to the late Senor Audomaro Molina for his kind offices in procuring for chumayle the loan of the MS. These two volumes have the following titles: Opposite each numeral appears its Maya name followed by the word abau. In order to place this body of material where any one interested in the subject could have it at hand no matter where he might be situated, the Museum authorities decided more than two years ago to undertake the publication halam all the important Maya documents in its collec- tion, and the Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel was selected to form the initial volume.

Middle American Research Institute, publication Molina kindly undertook the bapam of this text with that of the original document, to which he had access through the courtesy of those who have it in their keeping. Cambridge and New York: In some cases, where cuumayel language is particularly terse, the books appear to render hieroglyphic script, and thus to hark back to the pre-conquest period. My reason for publishing the original text in facsimile instead of printing Berendt’s copy is based on the fact that the interest of students can at present best be served by making the chmuayel in its actual form accessible to everybody.


Berendt, therefore, the student of American history and antiquities owes a very great debt. To datecomplete English translations are available for the following Books of Chilam Balam:.

The historical texts derive part of their importance from the fact that they have been cast in the framework of the chimayel Maya calendarpartly adapted to the European calendrical system. The result of these labors was the publication in of the Maya Chronicles as the first volume of Brinton’s Library of Aboriginal American Literature.

This holds even more true of the mythological and ritualistic texts, which, cast in abstruse language, plainly belong to esoteric lore. Berendt are two volumes of special interest and importance, all chllam in Berendt’s own hand and copied by him from originals in Yucatan. This page was last edited on 30 Julyat This omission is mentioned to illustrate the method fol- lowed by Berendt, than whom there never was a more careful and conscientious copyist, who sometimes filled in an omission of the scribe without comment and more often corrected his work in a different colored ink.

Juan Pio Perez, copiados en Meridai vol. Taken together, the Books of Chilam Balam give the fullness of 18th-century Yucatec-Maya spiritual life. The whole is protected by a leather cover, in the front portion of which a hole has been burnt. The paper on which it is written has become very chipam worn, stained by use ballam discolored by age.

This method of naming the katuns proceeded from the fact that the chronological calendar is so constructed that a katun always begins with a day so designated. Written in the Yucatec Maya language and using the Latin alphabet, the manuscripts are attributed to a legendary author called Chilam Balam, a chilam being a priest who gives prophecies and balam a common surname meaning ‘ Jaguar ‘. In these two manuscripts are comprised all the known fragments of the historical writings of the Mayas.


A large part of the Book of Chilam Balam baoam Chumayel, as well as of the other ancient writings in the Berendt collection dealing with various matters, present no chimayel difficulties in the way of translation, but other portions are of such obscure meaning that it is more than doubtful whether a satisfactory translation can be made at the present time.

In a volume which is now in the course of preparation it is proposed to print the text complete after the original here reproduced, supplemented according to Berendt’s copy.

Gubler, Ruth, and David Chioam translators Nine Books of Chumaeyl Balam are known, [2] most importantly those from Chumayel, Maniand Tizimin[3] but more have existed. An Encounter of Two Worlds: Meantime, during the summer ofI went to Merida and succeeded, through Sefior Molina’s courtesy and the kind- ness of those who have it in their keeping, in borrowing the original document and in bringing it to the Museum, where each page was photographed.

Chilam Balam de Chumayel (Manuscript)

Persson, Bodil Liljefors Since many texts recur in various books of Chilam Balam, establishing a concordance and studying substitution patterns is fundamental to scholarship. It was then found that Berendt’s copy of differed in some details from the original of The Ancient Future of the Itza: Whereas the medical texts and chronicles are quite matter-of-fact, the riddles and prognostications make abundant use of traditional Mayan metaphors.

The outcome of the translation process is sometimes heavily influenced by external assumptions about the texts’ purpose. It is well known today, for instance, that abau was never used as the name of a period of time, but was the designation of one of the twenty days of the Maya month.

In making his copy Berendt filled in the Roman numeral. Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures Vol. On plate 74 of this volume the katuns are arranged in order with their corresponding numerals written in the Roman style.

The Book of Chilam Balam of Na.