THERMAL INSULATION OF PIPING. (WITH AMENDMENTS / SUPPLEMENTS. TO THE CINI HANDBOOK). Document nr.: PIP – This specification has. atta&ible with thermal insulation in building wall and piping . This handbook of thermal insulation applications vas prepared by EM4C. ducts and steam pipe systems with operating temperatures that are constantly above °C. CINI Manual “Insulation for industries”. CINI recommends applying .

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The potential cost and safety implications are enormous, and therefore insulation systems shall be designed according to categories that indicate vulnerability to CUI and are related to the process temperatures. All individual segments shall be cemented together with suitable fabrication adhesive. The objective is to set the recommended standard for good design and engineering practice applied by Group companies operating an oil refinery, gas handling installation, chemical plant, oil and gas production facility, or any other such facility, and thereby to achieve maximum technical and economic benefit from standardization.

The software shall comply with the information given in CINI and related standards.

Improper selection and installation account for More information. The CINI Manual is updated on an annually basis, to include the latest developments and to maintain it as the state-of-the-art standard.

Technical Insulation Standard Industry CINI

Quality Insulation made of calcium silicate. Service loads shall include thermal stresses resulting from differential contraction of the foam and the pipe, thermal stresses resulting from the temperature gradient through the thickness of the insulation, isnulation forces, mechanical loads handbpok by the piping system and any other loading that may be present at the support.

For higher ambient temperatures a calculation shall be carried out to determine the minimum thickness required to achieve a surface temperature of 70 C maximum. Other systems are available for specific uses. How is it hazardous?


The Main Contractor shall submit a proposal, supported by data sheets, test certificates, fini, method statements of installation, etc. Information in-flow to a fabrication drawing The changes mentioned in the other parts have been implemented. Most of these items are covered in this DEP.

The phenomenon of CUI is often underestimated, as it will occur years after completion of a project. The layer thickness shall be identical to the line insulation and shall be staggered see Appendix All insulation products shall More information. Since a large insulation thickness may result in considerable extra capital costs for pipe bridges, civil work, etc.

If required, metal screens or fencing alone shall be designed and provided. For inspection an ITP Inspection Test Plan shall be submitted, which indicates all phases for test and inspections of the insulation systems.

Its total thickness shall be as close as possible to the economic insulation thickness and shall be rounded off to the upper commercially available thickness. Atmospheric site conditions e. The metal jacket mould shall be installed with overlaps of at least 50 mm over the preformed spacers with temporary bands; vapour barrier jacketing shall be installed with bands and with all joints and overlaps sealed.

The adhesives shall withstand any stresses and strains, accommodate contraction within the foam and remain effective within the required temperature range. The Principal may also include an agent or consultant, authorised to act for the Principal. Section includes, but is not limited to, design and furnishing portable davits, davit sleeves, dvit bases, four 4 removable outriggers. If approved by the Principal, deviations shall be shown on the piping drawings.

Other systems are available for specific uses, More information. Cold insulation systems shall be vapour tight. Due to practical selection diagrams, the user is able to quickly select the appropriate insulation materials as well as the correct finishing material.


CINI Manual “Insulation for Industries”

The annular space between insulation jnsulation and bare surface is a non-ventilated space in which openings or drains are always located at the lowest point of the piping or equipment.

Dip tank operations involving flammable. Solar radiation shall be taken into account. A sealing plate shall be fitted around all protruding parts with sealed seams in accordance with Appendix 8. Pouring shall only be allowed for emergency maintenance, if injection equipment is not directly available.

Tentative sizes must be allocated to each structural. What is Static Electricity? Rail and bracket system.

Also acoustic insulation is included. The extent of thermal insulation shall be in accordance with Section 1.

CINI Manual “Insulation for Industries”

This is a general specification guide, intended to be used by experienced construction professionals, in conjunction with good construction practice and professional judgment. Drainage outlets should be provided to give visible indication of possible valve or flange leakage. This is of particular importance where DEPs may not cover every requirement or diversity of condition at each locality. September Page 1 of 12 Part 1 General 1. Quick-release toggles shall not be fitted in overhead lines above walkways.

Dip tank operations involving flammable More information. A typical removable insulation cover for pumps is shown in Appendix Insulation with e. In that case the joints shall be finished in the field.