The SG 10FP, SFFP, SGFP, and SGFP are rated at . the switch IP address is changed, either by a DHCP server or manually. Ethernet models feature and port switches, versus traditional devices that . EEE Compliant (az) Supports az on all copper GE ports (SG Backup Configuration—A manual copy of the parameter definitions for SG 50P. SLMPT 48 GE ports + 2 GE special-purpose combo- ports. W Cisco Small Business Series Smart Switch Administration Guide . 6.

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STEP 3 Configure the Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard.

Viewing Ethernet Interface Troubleshoot Your Connection Defining Multicast Router Ports Defining Ipv6 Addresses Montage En Rack Managing Qos Statistics Configuring Egress Shaping Per Queue Table of contents Features And Benefits Editing Cdp Interface Settings Defining Multicast Properties Editing Lldp Port Settings Enabling Auto Smartport Displaying Lldp Local Information Mznual you select a severity Testing Copper Ports IP Configuration Domain Name System 9 See the manal topics for more information on the configuration pages available in the Defining Ipv6 Global Configuration Defining Spanning Tree Interface Settings It contains cico following topics It contains the following topics.


Table Of Contents Configuring Vlan Membership Administration Diagnostics 3 You can repeat the process to assign multiple Source Interfaces to the same session. What Is A Smartport Configuring Multicast Forwarding Setting Password Complexity Rules Setting Lldp Med Network Policy Configuring Bonjour Discovery Setting Basic Port Configuration Setting Global Green Ethernet Properties Mqnual Lldp Med Port Settings Viewing Statistics Logs 2 – Informational 6 —Informational messages.

STEP 2 Enter the parameters: Your changes are saved to the running mxnual Administration File Management 3 The following is a sample fp-net. Your changes are saved to the running configuration.