Some Nigerian males across various geographic and socioeconomic strata employ the use of herbals such as Cissus populnea extracts. Cissus populnea (Guill & Perr): A Study of the Aqueous Extract as Potential Spermatogenic Enhancers in Male Wistar Rats. Anthony B. Ojekale, Oladipupo A . Cissus populnea Guill. & Perr. [family VITACEAE]. Herbarium. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K). Collection. Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. Resource Type.

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Sperm of the experimental animals was collected, and the parameters count, motility, morphology analysed. Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine, Afrodisiacs — African Aphrodisiacs.

The total flavonoid content of C. Flavonoids have antioxidant activity and could therefore lower cellular oxidative stress [ 30 ]. Various reasons including but not limited to.

Phenolic compounds can protect the human body from free radicals, whose formation is associated with the normal metabolism of aerobic cells. Extraction of Anthraquinones The powdered stem bark of C. High levels of Fe play a crucial role in degenerative diseases by acting catalytically in the production of ROS which have the potential to damage cellular populneea, nucleic acids, proteins, and carbohydrate resulting in wide-ranging impairment in cellular function and integrity [ 2 ].

West African Plants – A Photo Guide – Cissus populnea Guill. & Perr.

Analysis of variance and Student’s -test were carried out [ 22 ]. The high vitamin C content of the plant will definitely contribute additively or synergistically to the observed antioxidant and medicinal properties of the plant.


Total phenolic, flavonoid, and vitamin C content of stem bark of Cissus populnea stem bark. Iron also decomposes lipid peroxides, thus poppulnea peroxyl and alkoxyl radicals, which favors the propagation of lipid oxidation [ 38 ].

Testicular histology shows better packed spermatozoa in group of rats treated with Cissus populnea.

The CHCl 3 phase was separated icssus evaporated to dryness Figure 1. Wiktor, Evaluation of the effect of using mobile phones on male fertility.

Materials and Methods 2. They were then passed through graded alcohol, cleared in xylene, embedded in molten paraffin and blocked out. Cssus Journal of urology, The sample was washed under running water, air dried after which the dried sample was grinded to powdered form, and kept dry in an air-tight container prior to the extraction.

Tangential to decreasing male fertility is a concomitant drop in libido which is mostly but not all times age related [ 15 ]. Thin Layer Chromatography Thin layer chromatographic plates 10cm by 10cm were popilnea and coated with silica gel G 0.

West African Plants

This work aims at determining the type of anthraquinones from the stem bark of C. The roots or stem are used in building Irvine, The inability of a man to either have full penetrative sex or impregnate the. In this study, we examined the effects of aqueous extract of C. The animals were used in accordance with the procedure approved by the Animal Ethics Committee of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria.

In Handbook of Evolution, Vol.

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Due to multifaceted reasons such as cost, scarcity, adulteration etc, quite a number of people now patronize and use herbal remedies as therapy for ailments in most parts of Nigeria [ 23 ] and indeed other parts of the world at large [ 24 ].


Photomicrograph of cross section of testis from C. The findings suggest that oral administration of Cissus populnea aqueous extract improves spermatogenesis in male wistar ccissus. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, Materials and Methods 3. Cissuss and Discussion References.

Anthraquinones of Cissus Populnea Guill & Perr (Amplidaceae)

A reanalysis of global trend data. Ibrahim, Aqueous ethanolic extract of Cochlospermum planchonii rhizome enhances spermatogenesis in male albino rats. The plant extract reportedly ameliorated testicular damage induced by flutamide in pre-pubertal rats [ 40 ].

They are the only cells that traverse the blood brain barrier in the seminiferous epithelium, and it is believed that their number determines to a large extent the rate of spermatogenesis [ 4142 ]. Photomicrograph of cross section of testis from control showing normal tubular outline and complement of germ cells. Current medicinal chemistry, The tendencies of electron or hydrogen donation are critical factors in characterizing antioxidant activity that involves free radical scavenging [ 43 ].

International journal of fertility, In the testis, Fe-induced lipid peroxidation destroys the structure of lipid matrix in the membranes of spermatozoa, and it is associated with loss of motility and impairment of spermatogenesis [ 37 ].