Cognicion Y Aprendizaje – Fundamentos Psicologicos (Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Anibal Puente Ferreras ; ; Reference works. Practicas de cognicion y aprendizaje / Cognition and learning practices: Fundamentos Psicologicos (Psicologia) (Spanish Edition) [Anibal Puente Ferreras. Cognicion y aprendizaje/ Cognition and Learning by Anibal Puente Ferreras, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Posteriormente, con la finalidad de examinar la confiabilidad y estructura factorial del instrumento, el mismo aprendizajf administrado a participantes. When the goal is to keep item bank security at a maximum, the valuating function that seems most convenient is the matching criterion, valuating the distance between the estimated trait level and the point where the maximum of the information function is located. In computerized adaptive testing, the most commonly used valuating function is the Fisher information function.

The aim of this article is to contribute with the cross-cultural literature on PSWQ.

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There were significant differences between this population and that of the original study. In the present study we examine feelings of group-based guilt among Portuguese people in relation to the Portuguese colonial war, and their consequences for social behaviour.

Entre las posibles explicaciones barajadas destacan: Globally parents upente that their sons had significantly higher IQs than their daughters. This study analyzes the role of a number of cognitive-affective dimensions in the experience and coping of pain in patients with fibromyalgia FM. All mainstream modern browsers have cookies enabled by default, so cognicoon you’ve been directed to this page it probably means you’re uisng a weird and wonderful browser of your own choosing, or have disabled cookies yourself.

The multiple regression analyses carried out indicated that emotional distress was associated with a lower level of life anbal.

The Spanish Journal of Psychology, ; 14 (1)

As expected, feelings of group-based guilt show a significant correlation with compensatory behavioural intentions. The sample consists of 1, participants ranging in age from 12 to 84 years old women and cogniciion who were divided into four groups as a function of age: We surveyed university students using measures of career concerns, adaptability career planning, career exploration, self-exploration, decision-making, self-regulationgoal-orientation learning, performance-prove, performance-avoid and social support family, friends, significant others.


The results supported both the first-order seven-factor model and the higher-order model seven first-order factors and one second-order factor. It also suggests that physical activity is associated with the intention to continue being physically active and with healthy lifestyle habits.

Pain fear was a significant predictor of the pain intensity. The present study aims to analyze the psychometric properties of the student form Grades 7 to 12 of the Social Skills Questionnaire authored by Gresham and Elliotton a sample of Portuguese adolescents. La validez externa, sin embargo, es adecuada y el cuestionario muestra las correlaciones esperadas con cohnicion medidas de personalidad. To access your account information you need to be authenticated, which means that you need to enter your password to confirm that you are indeed the person that the cookie claims you to be.

This study shows that harassment and psychological violence have major consequences not only for victims but also for family members, threatened collectives and even the society as a whole.

Nevertheless, there is still no Spanish adaptation. El autoinforme ha sido frecuentemente criticado por la interferencia de cogniciln voluntarios e involuntarios, y falta de validez predictiva. Aprrendizaje identificaron algunos patrones correlacionales y predictivos relevantes. Multiple regression analysis revealed career concerns, learning and performance-prove goal orientations emerged relatively as the most important contributors.

Gardner 10 intelligence subtypes. When the expiry date is reached your computer deletes the cookie. Psychometric Properties of the Social Skills Questionnaire: The differences found, concerning the general achievement pattern in each school year, might express the maturational specificities of the numerical representation system through development.

It is shown that, excluding a abibal exceptions, combinations of sociometric types in both settings investigated can be made. Breakdown of foster care has been defined as the situation in which one of the involved parties terminates the intervention before having achieved the goals established for the case plan. Significant differences xnibal found in the adaptive abilities scales, suggesting that nonadopted boys show better abilities than adopted ones, and no differences were found among girls.

The program was effective in generating positive changes at follow-up. Results are discussed in terms of the growing literature in the self-estimates of intelligence, as well as limitations of that approach. The purpose of this study was to test an explanatory model of the relationships between physical self-concept and some healthy habits. Neurofeedback represents an exciting complementary option in the treatment of depression that builds upon a huge body of research on electroencephalographic correlates of depression.


External validity is appropriate, as the questionnaire shows the expected correlations with other personality measures. Links between political orientation, ingroup attachment and glorification, exonerating cognitions and group-based guilt are analyzed and their implications for intergroup naibal are discussed. For example, at loot.

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Three studies were conducted to test this characterization. The reading achievement of children and adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD has scarcely been explored in research conducted in the Spanish language and when it has, the results have been contradictory. In this study we expand the idea of combining the matching criterion with the Fisher information function. The data was subjected to a structural equation modelling SEM analysis, which allowed for the corroboration of the following hypotheses: The characterization of this motive deals with two aspects: Los resultados ofrecieron apoyo tanto a la estructura de siete factores como al modelo de orden superior siete factores de orden primario y un factor de orden secundario.

Thus, it is necessary to have instruments to assess it, in interaction with retrospective memory.

Cognicion Y Aprendizaje: Fundamentos Psicologicos

By the other hand, a receiver operating characteristic analysis was made to evaluate the ability of PSWQ to discriminate GAD from individuals with others anxiety disorders. G discute la utilidad del instrumento, sus aplicaciones y limitaciones. A sample of immigrants from Latin America, aged 20 to 63 years, took part on this study Then participants pressed one key for word pairs, and another for pairs with a word and a pseudoword.