Repair and service information for the Contax camera. The Contax service manual gives a comprehensive list of possible causes of various symptoms and I suggest you refer to that if the cause of your problem. Contax Quartz 35mm SLR camera, Contax Q, Q. TTL metering system using a silicon photo diode, manual or aperture-priority exposure controls .

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Contax – – The free camera encyclopedia

Before removing the arm, note how the hair spring that protrudes from the arm engages with the indicator flag. But the magnet itself cannot be reached. Unscrew the two black screws under the lens mount. To refit the memo holder, clean up the plastic rivets that will have pulled through the holes.

Next remove the film advance lever. Dismantling Most repairs will require some degree of dismantling of the camera so it makes sense to start with the basic top cover and baseplate removal. The cover needs to fit under the edge of the holder and the original covers were thinner so they could fit. Electrical contacts are always a potential source of problems.

This arrangement is often used to hold a mechanism in a particular state without the need for continuous current flow. The holder can be quite easily removed using a flat, majual, tool I use the handle of a pair of tweezers.

DIY Repairs – Contax Resource

Any remaining sticky tape will need removing from the mirror carrier before fitting the replacement mirror. Not a lot to say about this. There is a plate either side of the lens mount that can be removed. The left hand front plate carries the exposure check button and self timer manuzl.

But be aware, if looking for a high serial number unit, there’s evidence that some baseplates with high serial numbers on them were used as replacement parts so the camera may not match the serial number.


Under and over exposure warnings. The shutter magnet not the release magnet is also under this plate if you need to access it. This basically does what the release magnet armature would normally do. Reassembly Reassembly is, generally, the reverse order of disassembly but there are a few of things worth specifically mentioning. Setting AE lock lever locks in shutter speed in cnotax at time of setting.

Via crank and release button. Of course, the self-timer is quartz timed too. There are three wires – brown, yellow and black.

The mirror stop is located in the mirror box arrowed in picture and the mirror rests against it when in the down position.

Contax 139Q

Move the lever in the direction of cotax arrow to release the shutter. This ensures the corners and end of the cover fit neatly. Shutter Speed Dial Once the top cover mamual removed, the shutter speed dial click plate assembly is removed by removing the rewind shaft holder nut then disengaging the spring from the click lever assembly then moving the lever out of the way, or lifting it off, so that the click plate can be lifted off the shaft.

There are three screws which, when removed, allow the baseplate to come off. It may need a wiggle to get it clear. Yashica also manufactured the Yashica FX-D which was seen as a budget version of the with less features but, in fact, was largely a completely different camera. Now remove five screws holding the top cover in place. An optional winder, powered by four AA batteries, was available for the camera. With the ISO plate lifted, the switch, which is on the underside of the plate, can be dismantled.

Start by desoldering the wires to the shutter. This means it has to be lifted out of the way if access to the prism is required or to remove the mirror box. Privacy policy About Camera-wiki.


The bottom cover and the lens mount trim need to be removed to access it. The page does get updated occasionally as I get janual record and write up more things.

There’s more information in the service manual regarding which adjustment screw to turn to move the LEDs in a cobtax direction. There is no known serial number data for the but available information shows the magnet problem was corrected in cameras with serial numbers above, approximately,The focus screen is not user removable and to remove it requires the flexi PCB to be lifted and the prism removed from the top of the mirror box.

NEVER try and clean the screen in situ. It is the bottom screw to adjust focus. To fit the replacement mirror, simply cut a piece of double sided sticky tape and apply it to the back manuzl the mirror, then fit the mirror in place. Cleaning the Focus Screen When looking through the viewfinder, any specs of dust that are visible and are sharpley focussed are on the top of the screen or the underside of the prism. DO NOT adjust the other screw mahual this changes the angle of the mirror.

So here’s a step by step reassembly guide. When this happens, the armature fails to move when the magnet is turned off and then nothing happens. The following pictures show a contaminated magnet armature before and after cleaning. When looking through the viewfinder, any specs of dust that are visible and are sharpley focussed are on the top of the screen or the underside of the prism. Remove the trim from around the remote release socket.

The cnotax switch is located mnaual the base plate.