Denis Azabagic – Competitions. . The Concept of Music and Competitions I started attending international competitions seriously when I was 18 years old. One of the most stressful situations that a music student (or any performer) encounters during their studies is the day, the hour or the moment of the performance. One of the most stressful situations that a music student (or any performer) encounters during their studies is the day, the hour or the moment of.

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First of all, we should know that what we do is a performing art, and it is important to transmit something to the audience even before we start playing.

Denis Azabagic – Competitions. Dealing With Performance Stress

Was this review helpful? I made a mistake about this once in ’92, when I played a piece I liked; a jury member, Leo Brouwerlater told me that I had made a bad competitionz and that my mistake had cost me a better placement.

It would be nice if you could have an alarm in your head which tells you that no matter what, you have to trust yourself and not play all day long. At the last few competktions I attended, the only thing I needed to know was when and where I had to play and when I could come to warm up. Do we follow the tempo markings, dynamics and other indications written in the score? I azxbagic in every way thankful to the GFA for organizing this competition and the tour.

The program requirement for the final round was to playa recital.

Muros tendinosos pdf

It is normal that a teacher will like the playing of someone he has taught. There are several points to which I would competitoons attention if I were a judge, or on the other hand, when I am competing: What if I have to play just after someone I know is very good? I also remember people asking me if I was getting tired of playing the same program dehis many times.

I also mentioned in the compettions chapter that I would divide musicality into two areas: How does it make us feel to read about some competitor with quite an impressive list of accomplishments or a list of prizes he has won? The bottom line is that competitions help in establishing one’s name.


On Competitions Book – Mel Bay Publications, Inc. : Mel Bay

Then I play that film in my head. In the competitions in which I took part, I encountered very different requirements, ranging from those that would have a very selective program to azabagkc that do not have any required piece at all.

After a while I started to narrow my attention to the things which could be under my control. Acquisition of good technique is a long process requiring years of hard work, discipline and commitment. The Day of the Performance. Eating some sugar helps, competitons at the beginning of the performance.

Some suggest memorizing the actual music, as in having a photographic memory of the score. That means being rested, and I do that by taking a good afternoon nap. A Verified Reviewer is a shopper who has confirmed an email address, or connected a social network with Yotpo, providing an added level of transparency and qzabagic.

I think we all have imagination, some more and some less, but the object is to reveal one’s imagination and feelings. The pianist did the same thing four times, even after practicing during the intermission in front of the audience! Throughout history, ckmpetitions have been many genius composers, and it is impossible to pick the best.

Competitiions think this is the source of major disagreement among those who listen to or judge music. Sometimes we have to play pieces that we are not familiar with and have never heard of. Concerts and competitions are in some ways opposite situations. Muros tendinosos pdf Please click on the link in the confirmation email we just sent you to submit your question.

Azabaagic the try-out goes well, feel good about it and think you can do the same thing when the time comes to perform again.

Denis Azabagic – Competitions. Dealing With Performance Stress – [PDF Document]

This certainly creates more diversified Junes. I call this a “trouble spot.

Those are the most difficult pieces for me. One of the most stressful situations that a music student or any performer encounters during their studies is the day, the hour or the moment of the performance. All the notes were anonymous.

Thank you for posting a review! If we only display the technique then the vehicle will be circling around without taking the listeners on a journey to any special place. I took some of them into account and reflected on them, cenis others I dismissed. First, let’s go back to schools. See what people are saying about.


Let’s say that a particular player does very well in a few competitions, then goes to another and has a bad day but still advances to the next round, even though qzabagic were people who really played better in that particular round. It was really very busy and there was very little time to do anything else. In some competitions there would be a set piece, which was either specially written for that competition, as in the “Printemps de la Guitarre” in Walcourt, Belgium where a piece for orchestra and guitar would be commissioned for the final round.

In Denis formed a azagagic with ednis wife, Eugenia Moliner Ferrer, a flutist, and since then they have played concerts and festivals throughout Europe and the USA. Apart from that, the pieces we select as our free program have to show variety in our playing, both from a technical as well as a musical point of view.

In a way, it is a parade so put a smile on your face. Cavatina Duo-Eugenia Moliner, flute and Denis Azabagic, guitar 19 Final Round with Concerto At some competitions the final round includes a performance of a concerto with orchestra or with the accompaniment of a piano. He has to live the story in his imagination, competition give the story life, direction, excitement when it needs it, to speak in surprising ways, to shout, to whisper, to cry, to laugh- all while telling the story. I was 10 or 11 and this competition was called the Republic Competition for music pupils and students of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

When I won the ocmpetitions Alhambra” competition in Alcoy, Spain, the first prize was excellent and the 2nd and 3rd prize competjtions not very significant. Let’s leave our body and hands playing the sounds and our mind and soul can be somewhere else. I did not see azabsgic that point that this experience was actually a great help.