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The composition of blood serum is determined by specialized chemical techniques.

Pen down your valuable important emdical below. How to Take Screenshot in Samsung J1. A cell is the basic living unit of the body.

EC Medical Electronics Nov Dec Question Paper – University Question Papers

The main function of the bronchospirometer is preoperative evaluation of oxygen consumption electronucs each lung. When the body produces too many red blood cells, the amount of hemoglobin in the blood increases, and a chronic disease called polycythemia or dehydration is produced.

You can here download question papers fr Pattern recognition is the detection of specific waveforms by some means. Radiography Fluoroscopy The patient dose is very low.

EC2021 Medical Electronics MJ2014 Question Paper

The dry outer skin of the body is highly non-conductive, and will not establish a good electrical contact with an electrode. Chemical electrodes are generally used to measure PH and PO2 of the blood.


The platelet are involved in the clotting of blood. Define mean circulation time. Heart sounds and murmurs are usually characterized by three physical properties. Here the image is built up by using an electron probe of very small diameter which scans the specimen surface in parallel straight lines as does a television camera.

This period is called relative refractory period.

Thus the EEG potentials originate with in the dendrite. Distinguish between microshock and macroshock. The brain consists of three parts, such as cerebrum, cerebellum and the brain stem. List the colour codes used for identifying ECG potentials.

Microelectrodes are used to measure the bioelectric potential near or within a single cell.

Isolation amplifiers are used as pre-amplifiers. Define total lung capacity. The leakage current is also reduced by proper grounding. PO2 electrode is used to determine the oxygen tension in the blood. Intra cellular fluid ICF is the fluid which lies inside the cell membrane. Mean circulation time is defined as eoectronics total amount of blood in the circulation divided by the cardiac output. The central nervous system is made up of brain and spinal cord.


Give the origin of heart sounds. Extra cellular fluid ECF is the fluid which lies outside the cell membrane. The image can be obtained after developing the film and examination cannot be made before developing the film.

How is it different from other types of pacemakers? Based on the placement of the pacemaker, how we are classifying it?

A physiological response to a current applied to the surface of bbank body that produces unwanted stimulation like tissue injury or muscle contractions is called as macro shock. The patient dose is very high. When the cell is in resting questino, then it is said to be polarized. The resting potential ranges from to nV. The basic aim of phonocardiograph is to pick up the different heart sounds, filter out the heart sounds and to display them or record them.

In the electrophoresis, macromolecular substances are analyzed by determining their m igration velocity. Give the approximate value of the resting potential for living cell.