I have a Little screamers’super park jet’ for power and a mah batt and a phoenix 25a controller and 3 micro servos. Other specs are 33inch. You are not likely to find a foamy jet any bigger than this! This huge Mig is made from EPO foam and is super detailed, there can be no doubt, this jet is going to. do à un en r n foaming; frothing, howering; scumming, skimming. €5 d, a u mig, adj. foaming, frothing, foamy. frothy; sójáuntige6 85ter beer that slowers. € d, at m .

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With that low drag air frame, it looks like it should rip! I wish that I could gotten a video of one flight where I was slow flying down the line and a slow stick passed me!

Something Fishy, about Fishbed Foamy.

Scratch-built foamy mig-25

Loening M-8 Scratch Built Foamy. We have completed the initial production run and we are ready to ship. Great instructions, clever, if not brilliant design. What you going to power it with? You buy the guys kits Teerific Jets to get all the numbers and airfoils. When I first walked into the stadium, I saw mib red 21 in flight.

The “cheapie” ESC works very well. I’ll get the flat A-4 whenever it comes out. I have a Little screamers’super park jet’ for power and a mah batt and a phoenix 25a controller and 3 micro servos.

I had little wire hinges on the elevators fpamy adjustment Looking very nice, seems like a simple kit to put together. Find More Posts by Free Bird. Add a Poll to this Thread.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery not at this point. After my employment with a major RC manufacturer and distributer where i was a designer, I designed a free flight Lear 35 model.

Since the fan is just slid in nig tube I’ll switch fan and speed controller between aircraft. So now is the time to stop the infomercial for TJ and go fly something Long before the fooamy park flier was even dreamed of We will work on that! It might be difficult to make the T-tail sturdy etc.

Mig 15 90mm EDF 1550mm w/flaps and lights (ARF)

EDF30 your plane looks alot like an SU Send a private message to Gordito Volador. Somewhat similar to the small balsa model that I built to prove the Mig concept John, That is really neat. It’s nice to have the option to choose the power plant.

The Russian Mig is one of my favorite early Jets! What size fan and motor are you running? The Mig with the 50 mm fan was just right for the large indoor venue. Electric RC Jets Discuss rc electric ducted miy or radio control prop jets here.

What are the dimensions voamy the model? The other park jets that you speak of do indeed use the same airfoil that same one that I have been playing with for over 40 years to reiterate but there is a design flaw in the application of it in those airplanes.


This was my first exposure to indoor flying and the Mig did very well. The faomy is the Himax 50 mm set up. I tactfully omitted identifying the manufacturer out of respect for that manufacturer. Here are some photos prior to painting. Thanks for the support guys. This fan comes assembled, dynamically balanced, ready to run from the factory with a HB brushless motor.

Introducing the Fishbed Foamy Mig Park Flyer. – RC Groups

Hairypharter Dude you are so full of bull. After 20 “test” flights Views: My Mig uses a Jedlesky type airfoil. Well, I’m still trying to wipe the smile off my face after attending the Electric Flight Expo here in Phoenix this past weekend You will note that in my original post, I mentioned that I was disappointed in the performance of “another” park jet I have stripped it down for painting and will need to tweak the controls to get them just right.

I hated running through his bird though. Pusher Park Jets For all pusher jets and jet-like models. I just got this message from a customer: The Alfa fan just slides into the tube and the speed controller is held by velcro. It just wasn’t very much fun to fly.