Fostex G16S Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Fostex G16S Owner’s Manual. Does anyone of you have a service manual for the regular G16 without the ‘S’ or even better a straight up solution to our issue? One of our. Free TASCAM Semi-Pro tape Recorder manuals and schematics. the Fostex G16 / G24 manual (21 megs large) ReUpped 9/07/14 Link GOOD.

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A higher current will heat the Erase head and result in damage to the tape. It is cheating, but only enough to minimize mistracking of the noise reduction system—dbx noise reduction multiplies low-frequency errors by 2, so a 1.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Fostex A8 service manual? If I find it, I will scan it and add it And check the Head touch condition of tape. Willing to pay for your time.

The first is mechanical The manual tells me it has to be set to 0db. Using the maximum volume approach across all the channels will get you closer.

Back in the day when I aligned many a Fostex E, the extra work of adjusting the fostes by the PAR method paid off because channel-to-channel frequency response and phase were more accurate. Does anyone of you have the whole manual in digital format?

Maybe they did this to achieve more high frequencies, is this good? Nicky, make sure that you are doing your record calibration while actually monitoring the levels going to tape off the repro head as oppsed to recording tones, then playing them back and adjusting record electronics.


Fostex G16 service manual – Home Recording forums

The sound can vary a LOT with a few simple changes. Sounds like quite the undertaking.

And yeah, it’s the version with Dolby C. Scott, It indeed only have two heads, so got to do it in the way of first record then playback. It is considered as a normal condition if Erasure is higher then 70dB. But I was wondering when checking for Rep EQ setting, I saw that the company that serviced the machine a half year ago setted the levels at 12,5 Khz to 1 DB exactly.

Fostex G16S Manuals

I think it was a typo by Fostex when they put the service manual together. You can do the fostdx for Operating Record levels: Only tape looks and sounds smoother Han, I know the Fostex G24 indeed, but I realize now that it has more bandwidth fostrx track because it uses 1″ tape. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Enter your search terms Submit search form. By being meticulous about the bias adjustment on all machines, you fodtex discover track-to-track anomalies that could either be caused by aging components or a head near the end of b16 life.

This is as you may know a 1″ machine which is electronically superior to the Tascam MSR He’s been looking for a service manual all over the web and was only able to find it for the S version. Fostex G16C Service Manual. Is it aligned correctly? That being said, I usually have playback on my 24 tracks set with a little less bass, and a little more treble. Don’t know what tape you’re using or what tape a previous owner may have used, but just thought I should throw that bit of info in for good measure and for future reference for anyone else that may come across this thread.


Nick in ‘t Veld Newbie Offline Posts: I combined the maanual into a single PDF file. Then I messed around with different resolutions times, still too big I would consider what Beck is telling you before you do anything else.

I only have the G16S service manual as foztex, but I’m certain the Fostfx C version and S version are going to be the same when it comes to erasure and bias circuits, as you switch NR off to adjust them anyway. Narrow-format machines offer little in the way of Record EQ adjustment, and there is no low-frequency playback compensation for worn heads.

If not of course it’s going to be interfering with tape to head contact by pushing the tape away from the heads ever so slightly.

But otoh the Tascam is mannual superior to the Fostex. The difficulty with most Fostex machines is that the bias adjustment is a continuously variable cap.

I think it’s just says Service Manual G16, but I’ll have to check later today The time now is