bytes, , [GEN]. Document: ITU-T SG15 (Study Period ) Temporary Document GEN. Title: FTTH Handbook. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. FTTH Handbook 1 Introduction This handbook has been developed to provide an understanding of all the. [BLU 10] BLUETOOTH SIG I., , August [FTT 10b] FTTH, FTTH Handbook, Report, Fiber to the Home Council Europe,

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FTTH Quick Guide

However, if a client on campus as students, hostels, schools, colleges, hospitals, or corporate offices, where there is already CAT-5 copper cable is laid, ONU can serve as a more appropriate solution. The GPON ODN, consisting of a single mode optical fiber and cable; the optical fiber ribbon cables, splices, optical connectors, passive optical splitters and passive branching components are very passive.

GPON aims at transmission speeds greater than or equal to 1. Physical reach is defined as the maximum physical distance that can be achieved for a particular transmission system.

The larger the diameter of the telephone, the longer the distance it could reach. The ODN optical splitters divide the single fiber into multiple fibers going to different buildings and individual homes. In G-PON systems with the 1. Ethernet Point-to-multipoint fiber provides hajdbook high bandwidth at a lower cost.

Larger the split ratio is for GPON, the more economical it is from cost perspective. Upstream traffic has not been exposed to other ONUs, so encryption is not needed.

This group was restricted to study the G. PMD is optionally combined with management features that can be accessed via the management interface.


Each port of the AWG is wavelength dependent and the optical transceiver on each ONT transmits optical signals in a specified wavelength determined by the port on the AWG. As shown in the above illustration, the ODN may be configured with one or multiple splitters with several cascades.

In case, when copper network needs to be replaced with the fiber network, then it will be considered under the Green Field Network, as the existing network will be replaced with the new network completely.

For this, it uses synchronized switches at each end of the transmission line; resultantly, each signal appears on the line only a fraction of time in an alternating pattern. Very high bit rate digital subscriber loop VDSL supports a maximum bit rate of 55 bps. PMA includes the transmission, receipt, clock recovery, and align functions.

Each upstream frame contains a number of transmission bursts coming from one or more ONUs.

Section five of IEEE The same fibers are used simultaneously in both the directions. Ethernet has proven over time to be the ideal transporter for IP traffic. The most important bit rate is 1. Hansbook simplifies system structure, decreases cost, and makes itself flexible to upgrade. However, the Ethernet point-to-point fiber offers the highest bandwidth at a reasonable cost.

FTTH – Quick Guide

Any network topology defined in IEEE Encryption blocks are aligned to the GTC frame. However, anticipating the continued evolution of optical modules, the TC layer must consider split ratios up to 1: It allows the exchange of IEEE The downstream transmission, i.

Fixed and the second is the Wireless way. The bandwidth allocations to different Alloc-IDs are multiplexed in time as specified by the OLT in the bandwidth maps transmitted downstream.


FTTH Handbook – Fifth Edition – Gpondoctor

It utilizes passive optical components. It is the interface between PMD and the physical media. Upstream data rate of 2. The following table lists the advanced services that can be provided through FTTH along with their bandwidth.

The important factor is to configure Layer 2 channel for proper forwarding of service data. PON system may be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. An important feature of EPON is to provide different services with optimum QoS and effective allocation of bandwidth using different DBA allocation to meet the demand of current and future applications.

Downstream wavelength of nm is selected by FSAN.

This standard allows service providers a variety of flexible and cost effective solutions for the provision of broadband Ethernet services in the access and the metro networks. But, at the ONU, only the specific packet is processed, and the rest packets are discarded. There are three categories or classes of components, which are based on power and sensitivity. The downstream GTC frame provides the common time hancbook for the PON and the common control signaling for the upstream.

It provides uninterrupted high-speed internet service. PMD generates electrical or optical signals depending on the nature of the physical medium connected. Service is defined as a network service required by the fttth. FTTH is the ultimate fiber access solution where each subscriber is connected to an optical fiber. The sublayer of physical handbopk PCS comprises codifications bit functions.