Gurps – Psi – Tech – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Where GURPS Psionic Powers brought you powers of the mind, GURPS Psis. Where GURPS Psionic Powers brought you powers of the mind, GURPS Psis presented the people who wield them, and GURPS Psionic Campaigns showed . For a campaign focusing on this sort of action I would suggest GURPS Psionic Powers, GURPS Psionic Campaigns, GURPS Psi-Tech, and.

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This jarred Dragaeran society out of its artificially-imposed Medieval Stasis as sorcerers had a field day figuring out all the new things they could do. In Mahou Sensei Negima! Dwarfs are championed by the author due psi-tevh his hatred of the anti-technology stance of much of fantasy.

GURPS Psionic Powers

Invention of mythallars magical secondary power sources made creation of magic items cheap as long as you don’t mind they work only in its range, which aside of flying islands meant permanent items were mostly biased toward gudps applications and wizards had a lot of experience in this area.

Quantum Mechanics as a whole can be psj-tech of as being almost magical, due to its bizarre, common-sense-defying rules. Psit-ech to justify having a bunch of barbarian thugs be a threat to an interstellar civilization. It doesn’t help that scientists like Vegapunk were working to completely artificialize Devil Fruit powers, from giving their power to inanimate objects to being able to synthetically produce them. When Magitek is combined with gritty realismwe get Dungeon Punkbut magitek is also common in comic fantasy.


The local Robot Girl runs partially on magic, and there’s an entire Magic Internet that can be accessed by magic books or computers complete with program, hacking, and virus spells.

A great many require a channeler to work, but a few do not. They’re self-updating, voice activated, come with search, record and messaging functions, and capable of making holographic displays.

With such devices as Dynamo of Flying conversion of spell levels into large-scale preset effect and Internal Conjuration Engine pour potions of flying in, and it makes a whole ship fly. Now I’m reading them on the bus. Series protagonist Bob Howard was forcibly recruited because it turned out his latest project would have inadvertently psi-gech Nyarlathotep.

Gurps Psi-Tech love – Steve Jackson Games Forums

The curse was broadcast throughout Manhattan using Xanatos’ technology, while Xanatos’ chemical disinfectant and Sevarius’ carrier virus were integral scientific components to the plague. Rowling ‘s Harry Potter franchise. Granted, the classic Spell Book format doesn’t act much different from a computer.

This is actually more dangerous than it sounds: Dave the Barbarianespecially the Crystal Ball that functions like the internet. The MasouKishin Cybuster, etc Eneru supplies himself electricity used to fly his Ark Maxim. The plane of Esper in Shards of Alara is a techno-magical blue-aligned plane where all forms of life are infused with the mystic metal Etherium. It is a real thing. Worlds Collideboth Dr. The Weapons used by the various factions of the Inquisition tends to veer into this a lot, ranging from bound daemon weapons to make them “safe” for use to holy relics of past Saints that somehow grant implausible effects.

While having very little overt magic, they do have far more advanced technology than Equestria Prime does. Which is to ward off a dangerous spirit. The Wheel of Time series has artifacts from the Age of Legends called ter’angreal which each use the One Power to do a specific thing, including changing the weather, storing a library, and what is implied to be some sort of sex toy.


Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. Superwoman was infused with several strains of alien D.

Worlds of Psionics

So in effect, all their technology is Magitek, because all of it works in large part because of the magical effects of orkish confidence. Every single one of them is a wizard, with built-in manual functions. It also leads them into technological blind spots, however, such as when the Alerans fight the Canimwho mostly get by on their superhuman strength and toughness coupled with skilled engineering. Chrysm ore is the fossilised remains of dragons, and gives off a magical radiation used to power everything, among other plot-related abilities.

A number of settings planes really play up this trope. A discussion of various ways to utilize psi in a campaign, both thematically and logistically.

In My Little Pony: How should skills relate to powers? Well, Im rather fond of this latest addition to the Psionic line of books available here. In World of WarcraftNaaru and Ethereal constructs.