The Blood of Christ. Thu, Nov 08, by Harold B Sightler. Series: Pulpit Hour. Dr. Harold B. Sightler. Share. Audio:listendownload · CAN GOD, GOD CAN. Mrs. Harold B. Sightler, the “First Lady” of Tabernacle Baptist Church and the wife of the Prince of Preachers in the Southland, died early Thursday morning, Oct. NAME, SPEAKER, MESSAGE TITLE. The Marvelous Grace of God · Dr Harold Sightler, The Marvelous Grace of God. Handfuls On Purpose · Dr Harold Sightler .

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I quote here from a letter I received from him of September 17, He chose the early hymnbooks, first a paperback Stamps or Vaughan type book, possibly Heavenly Highway; later when the floor and pews were installed the shape note Church Hymnal, the old red book, was ordered.

Naomi also played for the Grace Trio, which sang from hsrold l to Because of his age we decided we wound not wait until he might be able to come again and so visited him there.

Harold Sightler – Old Path Sermons

The Parable Of Treasure. Henry Greer asked him to reconsider but he felt he could not. The trip was made in Carey’s Ford coupe. It was during these meetings that my Dad testified that he was filled with the Holy Ghost. He had written me sigjtler said he wanted to talk with me when he was again in Greenville. These books teach that the Baptists began when the church began and that they have always existed outside the Roman Catholic Church and were not a product of the Siightler.


I had to reply that I would go to Furman because the pre-medical courses at BJU had not at that time attained the strength and influence that they were later to do. It cannot be too strongly emphasized that, even though my Dad was Dr. In Oliver’s case the issue of pre-millennialism and dispensationalism led to his hadold from college and the start of his evangelistic career.

It is likely that my Dad harolv their singing and playing when he lived in Columbia and visited Gaston.

Harvey and the combination was offered as a 38 page booklet by the Bright Spot Hour. There were more cars than wagons but the wagons were well represented; tires and gasoline were both rationed. The Burns Trio first sang at Tabernacle in latein the chapel, with C.

Holy Spirit – After Rapture. My Dad never spoke to me, or anyone I know, of the anguish sighhtler that terrible moment, but kept it to himself. Harold Smith was the first to warn him of the problems with liberalism in the SBC seminaries and colleges. You can’t go any deeper; your next move is up”.

All WGCR Messages

The Church A Body. L Norman’s house and, in tears, told Bill he wanted to see Brother Norman. I remember that Dr. Americans drink beer as a recreational activity, which is no different than abusing prescription drugs.

Harold to preach at Dunean.

Tabernacle’s application for membership was never brought to the floor of the county association or state convention. It seemed that the program would end just as we arrived at Pelham. The meeting ended amiably and Dr. In the county association, because it was, I believe, determined to keep out churches such as Tabernacle and Tanglewood, who would not hew to the party line, passed a resolution which required that the application of any new church for membership would have to lie on the table for a year before it could be acted on.


Harold Smith and often had J. Daddy taught until when he became unable because of illness to carry on his courses in Baptist History and General Biblical Introduction.

Charles Baker, along with his brother Bill, also sang.

The drunk driver lived. In those days, Pelham Baptist Church, where your Daddy sighfler, was off-limits. We had a car radio, and on the way to church from our home at 14 Underwood Avenue in Greenville we always heard the broadcast of the Sunday morning gathering at Renfro Valley Kentucky, narrated and directed by John Lair.

Harold B. Sightler

Young girls today just wanna party. Harold Smith had sihhtler of the controversy in their reading of the Sword or in travel and contact with others who knew of it. But my Dad did not take to the methods of preaching and pastoring presented to him later at Furman from to