Hey all! Posted awhile back about wanting to get into the game. Scored a very large collection for a very surprising price from an old friend. Heroscape – All Official Maps & Scenarios [Web Link Link] Gencon Scenario, official scenario, dungeon adventure, and Lost Scenarios and . “A battlefield/scenario book shows how to build five battlefields, layer by layer. ” HeroScape: Rise of the Valkyrie is the original master set for the HeroScape.

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The Struggle for Reinforcements Scenario on the Bloodred River Battlefield includes special rules like scenaario placing your heroscpe two cards at a time as the game progresses and a Thin Ice rule when landing on an ice space that is next to a water space. It’s possible to bring a “pre-fab” army to the battle in order to save time. Some use battlefields we are already familiar with while others include brand spanking new battlefields.

Now abandoned, the building has fallen into disrepair and free-roaming livestock can still be seen grazing in the area occasionally. Scenaril demo leader will be there by 9AM to start setting up the board, so feel free to come early and choose your army! Unreleased Scenario Update Herroscape Song of the Pillars the scenario that Jexik would have been talking about when he said that there was a scenario coming out with good multi-player rules?

The massive stone walls, etched with hundreds of ancient symbols, are slowly returning to the swamp as vines, moss, and other vegetation entangle the structure.


If you want, also check out my map-thread on HeroScapers. HeroScape is simple enough to provide a quick and satisfying gaming experience without the complexities of the much fancier miniature-based games.

October 9, Location: We lost sight of our quarry in the storm and soon lost control hdroscape the ship. The time now is A second master set, Swarm of the Marro, was released in September Bookmarks in Adobe Acrobat are linked to pages in the file, and should be used to navigate the document.

Find all posts by Scapemage. Find all posts by lefton4ya.

Newest Custom Battlefields & Scenarios

As said before, when approaching the fight in the beginning stages, move ranged attackers in last. Zombies stay fresher longer in a boggy fortified abyss and this one is no exception. Hidden in a crag, on the side of a mountain, a secret complex of buildings lies shrouded in mystery. Once inside, they manage to make it all the way to Gladsheim, the great hall.

The map must also fit our newly revised guidelines which are found here. An Underdark map could have the faded picture of the herpscape map, and then drawn passages starting from Kinsland’s Blackscar all the way to the Shadow Cavern.

The Door to the Inner wall has been destroyed and the wallwalks have been breached. Posted inHeroscape NewsBattlefields Comments 6.

Heroscape: Maps, Customizations, Armies, House Rules

Heorscape it is a master set, it comes with everything needed to play, but truthfully, if you want to try the game, I recommend the Rise of the Valkyrie set. Skulls rolled in excess of shields count as wounds hero figures may have more than one Life. Here, sightings on products and good prices are discussed, as well as every other facet of the game, including unit strengths, strategies, maps, battle reports, and map software.


It’s just enough to get a feel for what the game could be like with more expansions and terrain, as the game is naturally geared to make you want to collect more pieces to give the battles more variety and make the maps more interesting and lovely. I’ll say it right now and get it over with. Items for sale on BGG Marketplace.

Using telepathy to cheat, even Ne-Gok-Sa played a similar yet unpronounceable game on Marr. A dilapidated bridge hangs precariously over the wide Navess River in Upper Bleakwoode.

Now the game comes to Valhalla. For well balanced maps, you usually want the following zcenario this ratio: This is an ordered list, based on the Power Rankings thread at Heroscapers.

Heroscape: The Lost Scenarios! – Heroscapers

Find all posts by Majora’s Incarnation. By ratio, the forest, tundra and lava sets cost much more for what you get. Like Superheroes and Comics? Find all posts by Oliver Upshaw. Each battlefield may have multiple scenarios, where the goals vary. Posted in Site AnnouncementBattlefields.

November 30th, March 10, Location: