The HIOS CL-series electric torque screwdriver is a popular tool because of its consistent operability, reliability & stability. Check out Each model of the CL- series (HIOS CL, HIOS CL, HIOS CL, etc.) . Data Sheet & Manual. price: $, item: CLX, description: – lb in Electric Screwdriver w/ 1/4 hex bit, mpn: CLX, sku: CLX, category: HIOS Series Torque. Browse Item # , CL DC Electric Screwdriver in the ASG, Division of No.,Item #,Item Name,Description,Electric or Pneumatic,Manual or Powered Electric Screwdrivers > HIOS CL Series Electric Screwdrivers > Item #

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Item # 64120, CL-6500-PS DC Electric Screwdriver

HIOS is an award-winning company known for its exceptional line of electric power tools, torque meters, and screws. Try our Torque Tool Selector.

Other benefits of buying a HIOS electric torque screwdriver include: The CL-Series electric torque screwdriver by HIOS is designed for heavy-duty ihos and delivers reliability as well as precision torque. Learn More in the Torque Learning Center.


HIOS CL-series Electric Screwdrivers

The full auto shut-off clutch on this electric screwdriver completely stops the bit from turning once the torque setting is reached. Models range from 0. More in the Learning Center. Interested in other torque screwdrivers?

CL and CL models can use a torque adjustment nut Item and set screw Item to preset the driver to a specific torque. This made way for the development of the Mwnual series screwdrivers with an attached mechanical clutch, compact size, and low voltage design.

Avoiding Electrostatic Discharge on the Manufacturing Floor [article].

Item # , CL DC Electric Screwdriver On ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc.

This feature protects the fastener from being damaged by the electric screwdriver’s bit. See our large selection of electric screwdrivers and pneumatic screwdrivers.

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ESD can destroy or seriously damage sensitive electronic components, alter or erase magnetic media, create fires or set off explosions in flammable environments. Historically, their electric current control M series screwdrivers served as the prototype for the start of air screwdrivers during the economic boom of post-war Japan.


Hios CL Manuals

This means the tool has the ability to disperse the electrostatic charge into the handle and ensures that sensitive electronic components are safe from static discharge. Need help with a tool selection? The HIOS electric screwdriver is a mqnual choice for operations requiring a wide range of torque values.

Common usages for this electric screwdriver include demanding assembly-fastening applications that require torque control, screw counting functionality and ESD protection. Electrostatic discharge ESD happens when a non-conducting surface rubs against another and creates a sudden flow of electricity.