On iSeries, instead of transferring a spool file to an Excel spreadsheet, use the CPYTOIMPF command to create a CVS text file that can be easily loaded into. AS/ Spool Files Physical files don’t convert to spooled files. The RUNQRY command can print records from a physical file with very little. This allows the first character to be used as a control character so that you can convert the contents of the physical file back to a spool file and.

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Bar code data is lost. Specifies a list of channel numbers with their flle line numbers. Number Specify the system-assigned job number. If you have some sort of binary file, or non-readable PCL file, you will not be able to natively convert it to plain text, and may have to use an external program to do it.

You are not logged in. Objectif Lune, Montreal, Qc.

Converting a spooled file to PDF

CPF Duplicate job names found. When you copy a spooled file to a physical file, certain information is lost or changed. If no current library entry exists in the library list, QGPL is used.

This conversion allows the use of spooled files in applications using microfiche, data communications, or data processing. Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode. Then I can based on the text files to design the form in planetpress design. X Forms to PlanetPress 4. Channel number refers to a method of determining donvert for reports.


Job name Name Qualifier 2: Print lines that are all blank are not copied. CPF Cannot convert spooled file data. Parameters Examples Error messages. User Name Qualifier 3: What’s the original format of the spool file? When I need to design the a400 by planetperss design, I must convert the report into text files, and then I can load the text file by data selector sample data file in planetpress design, so I can base on the format of report to do.

So rile that’s what you have you can usually see the word “EMF” in the first line if you open it with a text editor And I said that our seller provide a tool called convret, this tool is written by them.

Can it converts captured data into text format? These are pretty much your options for conversion of different type of files to plain text format. Thank you very much! Where allowed to run: Each assigned channel must have a corresponding line number to provide the correct positioning on a report. Switch to Threaded Mode. The only valid values for this parameter are 1 through Hi Andy, It all depends on what format your data comes in.

CPF Member not added. Creation date Date Element 2: CPF Necessary resource not available.

How to convert AS/ spool file into text file ? – Objectif Lune Tech Support Self Help

Other values up to 12 repetitions Element 1: The assigned channel values as specified on the command are as follows: You may be able to convert to a plain text format simply with a Create File and making use of data selections and maybe splitters if it’s in a format that’s easy to use like XML, CSV, etc If it is possible, can you give me some instructions on it?


Specifies a user-defined physical database file to which the spooled records will be copied. Use this value when the spooled file create date and time parameter is to take precedence over the job system name when selecting a spooled file. If this file does not exist at the time of the copy, the copy will fail.

Convert IBM i | AS/400 | iSeries print files into XML

The assigned channel values as specified on the command are as follows:. The Convvert 1-byte print control character is used and takes advantage of the assigned channel values in formatting the output. Is it use for capture inputted spool data? Creation date date Specify the date the spooled file was created.