Jayakirana Epaper: JayaKirana is a popular Kannada language daily newspaper that is published from Mangalore and Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka, in. Phone, Suggest a phone number Jayakirana daily Kannada news paper. likes. Posts about Jayakirana daily Kannada news paper. There are no stories . Marati abcd since. Udayavani epaper login uttara kannada july newspaper office. Advertisement schedule mkcl sarva in jayakirana newspaper was years.

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All other things you had mentioned it is still the same.

JayaKirana epaper: Online Jaya Kirana Newspaper Kannada Daily

There are 7 Kannada General Interest newspapers in Mangalore. As said before Nagesh nayak comments is always baseless, useless. Following the incidents, Section has been clamped in the district for 48 hours. It is only the gullible who are cowards try to put the blame on others. Is this not attack of freedom of press. Brirtish use to do this i pre independence. Come out from Bahrain and comment. Gang of armed naxals raising slogans sighted inside forest. If he wants still to raise it to the Muslims, he has to become a Muslim first, start practicing it and then comment on it.

You will be informed in advance of any such conflict and alternate options would be offered. Shifting the blame wont serve the purpose. All this days they were just pointing fingers at others with three fingers always pointing to themselves.

Neither any muslim association or christian association from gulf or india has suppported his controversial painting. It is said that Bittupade Nazeer, brother-in-law of Lathief, is one of the main accused, who led a team to attack on jayakirana news paper. Bunch of pressmen and theirs support staff have close links with anti-socials.

Krishna and after that Whts happening. Chase this Thalibanis out to Pakistan. A staff member said that there were more than 10 miscreants in the group and most of them had used cloth pieces as masks. Why advertise through The Media Ant. For me humanity is the first and important religion which is primary and rest like islam.


Fundametlism sometime leads to controversy when the modernists view it differently.

These animals should be put in cages behind bars. One things is keep it in mind this all created by Politicians for his benefit tomorrow they must swallow this results. Jaya Kirana – Mangalore Advertising Details.

Barke PSI nabs a culprit involved in attack on Jayakirana news paper

India is democratic country and any kind of voilence,whatever for reason not at all acceptable. Unless specific data is available, one jayakiraan assume readership of a Newspaper to be 3 times that of it’s circulation. People appreciate green marriage in village.

Police jayakiran to the spot and the firemen also reached the venue within minutes. This strengthens the suspicion of presence of International Terrorist Organizations in Mangalore with local support. You have characters left. It is the root cause of all ills. First Could you tell me who according you ar true indians because according to nagesh maamu, hayakirana hindus are only true indians.

Comment on this article. Aslam, Moodbidri, Dubai Tue, Mar 2 Gandigiri is the solution not gondagiri, i request the police department to maintain peace in mangalore, punish culprits, lot of bad things spoken and written about islam, but cant change, only thing changes may this kind of act.

India is a secular democracy and we are lucky to have a constitution that protects freedom of speech. First treat them with police methods. Alwyn Prabhu, Mangalore Tue, Mar 2 My strong request to Police isfirstly arrest and book all the mischievious press resporters, cameramen and photographers who have links and associationships with all kinds of miscreants, communals and criminals.

Kindly do not post any personal, abusive, defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent, discriminatory or unlawful or similar comments. What all I should be aware of at this stage? In case you want to contact us for Newspaper advertising rate, you can either send an email or call us at phone number listed on the site.

In most of the Isl. I request our muslim brothers to present our relgion with the teachings of our Prophet Mohammad PBUH But unfortunately we never follow his Sunna or Teachings and we argue with people who no nothing about ISLAM, its Teachings about rights of women about the rights of men the way of living about the scientific evidences mention in our Holy Quran which has been only revealed by the scientists recently in few years?


Truth is bitter and some people could not digest it, so they came on to the streets like mad dogs barking and biting. Jafer, Mangalore Tue, Mar 2 Attack on media is condemnable. We don’t spit the venom against any religion nor any people say anything about our religion. I surely say that Indian Mujahideen belongs to the writer Taslima Nasreen. Dont paped see every month our indians celebrate different events in different gulf countries like sports event, cultural event etc.

Jayakiraan kukkikatte, i would love to know what is the role of muslim clergy in maintaining peace, law and order.

Mangalore: Miscreants Attack ‘Kannada Prabha’, ‘Jaya Kirana’ Offices –

In a democratic setup, one can not suppress equality and freedom, which is secured by the constitution. And will spoil the peace loving region.

But reaction by means of systematic violence cannot be justified and only doubts about the existence of fundamentalist groups only waiting for opportunity. Sahil, UAE Wed, Mar 3 Dear brothers and sisters, Its very sad to see all the comments which are just written to argue without knowing what are we wrighting and does these aggressions represent each of our religion? Some show one colour and do wrong things disclosing another colour.

Most of the time they are pointed to religion or the parties. May i know what is the difference between your sister nasreen and those sisters you killed in gujarath in a barbarian manner.