Korg’s -S^GS uses eight digitally encoded waveforms having we complex DW- Basic Functions This manual covers the followmg basic functions. $oiin£l. Download Service manual & Owner’s Manual for Korg DW Programmable Digital Waveform Synthesizer, musical instruments. | Visit SynthXL for more. KORG ID 42H. FORMAT ID 30H .. When using a computer for DW control and commu- nications, a system . UPPER CASE. UPPER CASE SUPPORT.

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Sending data on channels Copying the sound in program number I I to another program number. Every time you press the footswitch, the program number advances one step. If the recorder has no mic jack, use a “line in” or other input jack. It can also be used to change vi- fw and cycifc wah-wah in- tensity up and down move- ment.

Purwin Caijia Postal P. Using a Remote Keyboard. Contact your Korg dealer or autho- rized service center at that time.

If you play more than six notes, then the most recent notes will cancel out the earliest notes still sound- ing. Excessive force may cause damage.

Korg DW-6000 Service Manual

Page 11 Shows program number. Long delay PITCH vibrato depth Controls the amount of pitch variation in the vibrato effect that is, the depth of frequency modulation.

Rather they can be set once for all pro- grams. The DW separately ticulated “voices” “synthesizer ffiB manuxl. Every note has a number representing the keys on a keyboard. Operation is so fast about 14 seconds that you can even change your programs during a performance.


However, it is good practice to repeat the SAVE procedure several times, as a hedge against the possibility of losing data because of tape dropouts. This is to make sure that data has been properly recorded. Creating Sounds Edit- ing: WRITE parallel modulation, press the panel front button.

Selecting Programs How to call up your stored sounds. DIuga 5, B3 Warszawa Phone: To select other programs: To select program numberi?

The most recently selected channel number is retained by the DW-eOOO when power is turned on and off. Page 55 aaow NDissv M Start the tape recorder press the play key or release the pause key. This is called “writing a program to memory”. See Kory section for further details. In the mono mode, only one note will be played at a time, even if receiving multiple note data. South Melboumi Victoria Phone: Noise generator Included for special effects. To change the values of parameters, follow the steps described in the following section.

The power switch is on the left side of the rear panel, as seen from the rear. Begin record- ing and let the tape advance until it is past the leader tape at the beginning of the manial. If something seems to be wrong, try turning off the power, waiting about ten seconds, the turning it back on.

Downloads | DW – Owner’s Manual E | KORG (USA)

The higher the value, the faster the speed. BoxSuva City Phone: V, 8′, and IS’. DECAY Rate Determines how long it takes for the volume or cutoff fre- quency to fail from its maximum attack level to the break point level.


All possible parameters and values are listed in the “parameter index” chart on kor right side of the DW front panel. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Selected parameter number shown here. You get fast, predictable results without the programming and control difficulties of “digital” systems. The DW display keeps track of tape interface operations to help assure successful data transfer and detect possible problems.

O To find the ID number for equipment connected to ttie computer. Find- ing a current programmed sound that re- sembles the new one you.

DW-6000/Owner’s Manual E

Frequencies lower than cutoff fre- quency are passed. Refer manusl sequencer’s instruction manual for details. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Box7 Union Street.

Its setting can be stored for each pro- grammed sound. Switch memory switch enables write opera- Pressing this you can sounding currently pro- tion that store memory.

Guadaia ara, Jal Phone: But such techniques are too cumbersome and unreliable for today’s computerized polyphonic synthesizers.