When a poor boy in China receives a magical paintbrush, everything he paints turns to life. But the wicked emperor wants to capture the boy when he hears the.. . Read the story of The Magic Paint Brush: Once upon a time, there was a young man called Ma Liang. He was poor and kind and liked drawing so much that he. Once upon a time, there was a young man called Ma Liang. He was poor and kind and helped a rich man to tend cattle. He liked drawing and.

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When Ma Liang came, he said to him, “If you draw some pictures for me and turn them to life, I will set you free. Inspired by ancient tale Demi tells of a poor boy who is granted a magic paintbrush and a greedy king who tries to take it away.

The older son was selfish and greedy, while the younger son was kind and generous… Enjoy this story in: View All Your World Please maic us stories, pictures, poems and responses.

So the bad man and his friends died. It was very artistic because the illistrator made the drawings look very real. He soon found that whatever he painted with the magic brush became paimtbrush, so he painted things that his friends liany neighbors needed, such as shoes, tools, and toys. I would recommend this book to children ages five and up since the Chinese names might be too difficult for smaller children to read through.

Li and Gao Language: I would read this to a first grade class and below. But the wicked emperor wants to capture the boy when he hears the news.


The sun often used to visit the water, but the water never returned the visits. The book was wonderfully written and a great story!

Books The romance of politics. I hesitate to recommend this to little ones because they may not like that part. In a nice way. Taking full advantage that the brush is now his, the emperor tries to paint himself mountains of gold but instead being he gets a pile of stone. I also thought that the idea about a magic paintbrush bringing paintings to life lianb truly creative and amazing as I never would have read about an object that would bring drawings to life, although that does seem to be the norm for many fairy tales.

We are back and want YOUR help!

Liang and the Magic Paintbrush by Demi

I suggest you read it first to see what you’re comfortable with. Of course he did not want to help him. Enter our national writing and art competitions. It spawned a tsunami that swallowed up paingbrush villages and towns, killing at least 3, people, with more than 7, still missing.

He was poor and kind and helped a rich man to tend cattle. Sep 21, Bonnie Chang rated it liked it Shelves: Life on this side of Firewall throws up a pleasant surprise. He got the magic paintbrush and felt very happy.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. But of course, good things are not matic noticed by the people with the best intentions. That was such a great show and this is a great book. He liked drawing and drew pictures everywhere. At this point, there is only tbe mini-biography of Demi present, which while nice, doesn’t answer my question as to whether this story is traditional in China or not.

Another lovely book from Demi. So the young man drew a golden mountain which was far away from the sea. The gardener communes with nature, can sow and reap, shape the garden as he or she sees fit, relax or simply enjoy the beauty of it.


At the ane it was “invented” it was an ideal way of using up old bread. From that day on, he used the paintbrush whenever poor people needed help.

Want to Read saving…. Han Han, a father now. Mar 26, jacky rated it liked it Shelves: The bad man saw that and felt very happy. pantbrush

Once he had the paintbrush, he felt very happy and he invited his friends to come to his home so that he could show them his new possession. But one day, in the gambling house, Li won three hundred yuan….

My older boys were just fine with it. There was once a farmer who had two sons. It is also another one that I don’t remember clearly. However, certainly many European folk and fairy tales implement similar strategies for this plots, so it’s not without precedent.

After that, the young man lived with his family happily and used the magic paintbrush paintgrush help the poor people as the the old man had asked him to do and the magic paintbrush was known and loved by everyone. No language or sensuality issues.

The Magic Paint Brush

Want to read more or download the MP3 or access resources and lesson plans? Published July 15th by Square Fish first published Feb 23, PaKong added it. This book is about Liang and his magic paintbrush. Mar 17, George rated it liked it Shelves: