How to Win Every. Argument. The Use and Abuse of Logic. Madsen Pirie . behind the argument and the evidence, fallacies can add enough weight to carry . In the second edition of this witty and infectious book, Madsen Pirie builds upon his guide to using – and indeed abusing – logic in order to win arguments. By. When a book makes a promise on its cover, call me old fashioned but I’m kinda expecting it to deliver on this. So How to Win Every Argument has me thinking.

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This book is basically an alphabetical list of all mainstream tricks and pitfalls skilled arguers use to get their points accros. It felt like reading a long Wikipedia article. We all like to think of ourselves as clear-headed and logical – but all readers will find in this book fallacies of which they themselves are guilty. It is more a book on how to abuse logic to confuse someone enough to agree with you.

What does a Successful Argument Look Like? Just send us an email and we’ll put the best up on the site. Abusive analogy Blinding with science The complex question Damning the alternatives Exclusive premises The gambler’s fallacy Hedging Irrelevent humour Loaded words The red herring Shifting ground Trivial objections Wishful thinking. There are other problems with the book, such as Pirie also not understanding the political atmosphere very well or perhaps he only looks to the uneducated members instead of the good thinkers holding positions he disagrees with.

It was conservatives, not liberals, who fought for and won rights for blacks and women Lincoln was a Republican, and most of the civil rights pioneers, like Martin Luther King, Jr.

The idea is a good one and, although I like to think I can recognize many of the argjment egregious logical fallacies most commonly used, there was a lot of good stuff here although, as I say, pitched at an introductory level. Oct 25, Brandon Rosbrook rated it it was amazing Shelves: Attempts madesn teach debate by pointing out logical fallacies–should be given to every member of Congress!

Now, one can infer God from this argument, but the argument, itself, does not lead to the conclusion that God exists, only to the conclusion that the universe had a cause. Dec 13, Preston Pierson rated it liked it. The attempts at humor are sometimes clever, but often just rvery off as the author acting superior.


Based on the facts presented here, this does not follow. May 17, William rated it liked it.

How to Win Every Argument: The Use and Abuse of Logic

Argument is not taught well in high school or college courses. Want to Read saving…. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The author seasons each example with some dry humor but at times it makes me wonder if he’s a douchebag, like when he mentions stupidity as a cause of supporting nuclear disarment. Let me give an example from his section “Conclusion which denies premises” on pp.

Mostly an expanded list of latin arguments interspersed with examples and snarky commentary by the author.

How to Win Every Argument: The Use and Abuse of Logic – Madsen Pirie – Google Books

Hence, this book is not accessible nor useful. The alphabetic organization works in making the fallacies easily accessible, but it does not ohw in clarifying the relationship between the fallacies which are expressed more in the back, but still not explained. Sep 03, Jerry Smith rated it ragument it Shelves: Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland Jonathan Green. Apr 27, Iris Efthymiou rated it liked it. By including new chapters on how to win arguments in writing, in the pub, with a friend, on Facebook and in characters on TwitterPirie provides the complete guide to triumphing in altercations ranging from the everyday to the downright serious.

So let me separate the two arguments. This necessary entity we call God. The Institute is “a pioneer of privatisation” in the UK and elsewhere. Personal tools Log in.

Found interesting the ad lapidem part about boycotting speakers, which nowadays applies again to nazis on campuses, srgument the part about irr Bummer, I didn’t expect a list of fallacies from the title. The Use and Abuse of Logic presents a list of logical fallacies that can be used to trick and deceive others, along with explanations, pifie, and suggestions for using each fallacy effectively. Maybe only football players each chocolate, while cheerleaders prefer salad or, more likely, cake.

Some interesting stuff, but not enough justify slogging through this rather difficult read. Craig use this argument as part of a cumulative case for God’s existence, since it does not lead to the existence of the Christian God on its own.

evdry Whether you want to firm up your own arguments, or simply disprove others’, this is a very easy to read book with all the tools you need. I study logic and philosophy, and teach it to homeschool kids, so I arguument this might be a book that illustrates these fallacies in an entertaining way. The arguments Aquinas defends will succeed even if the universe was eternal and therefore, not having a prior cause. So they had no idea whether or not the universe, itself, had a beginning, requiring a cause to start it.


Pirie doesn’t have such a recourse to explain such an elementary blunder fo if it seems I’m being a bit harsh, it’s only because this is such an easy to avoid falsehood yet I see it all the time from atheists who don’t bother argumnet learn about what they want to criticize.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. A goodguide to recognizing the fallacies that most people, either deliberately or through lack of awareness, make every day. I firmly believe that critical thinking is the single most important skill an undergraduate can obtain, regardless of major. This means that the universe, having potentials kadsen need actualizing, must have something outside itself to do the actualizing.

This thing of pure act we call God. You are oirie what to believe, false rhetoric and inherited beliefs from when you are very young. Some fallacies which he explained are really technincal and quite to grasp, while others are commonly practiced in our everyday experience The content of the book is good. Oral Arguments a arguing with a friend b arguing in ever group c arguing in a formal debate d Presenting your case hoa a meeting 5. It’s worth reading for the information but it’s not as entertaining as it hopes to be.

The Use and Abuse of Logic is not poorly written, but the alphabetical listing of logical fallacies is far from the best way to introduce someone to the underpinnings of logic. In the case of this book, it is quite unlikely that one would look for a definition of “dicto If you’re looking for a compendium of fallacies organised in alphabetical order, this book may suit you.

Sep 03, Robert rated it it was ok. How to Win Every Argument: