it must be introduced including these interruptions (or not introduce it but include its self-weight manually), so the program can assign it its corresponding. The most complete tool for Project Management: bills of quantities, project certifications and specifications. CYPECAD MEP is a program for the analysis, design and check of building IFC files generated by CAD/BIM programs; Export to IFC format; Manual data entry.

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To help users decide, as of the The Purchase management module of Arquimedes and Job Control allows users to calculate the supplies required to execute a job and foresee invoice payments from suppliers and subcontractors. A unit concept labour, machinery, material, unclassified unit or unjustified job item can have multiple prices, i. Building frames with rolled and welded steel I sections.

It can be seen that the worst case situation for the first example is for state 1, and for the second example is for state 2. The user may automatically equalise all the top reinforcement of joist floor slabs by length or bar size and length. Welded — Building frames with rolled and welded steel I sections. They may also be copied to a safe place. They can be rectangular, trapezoidal or any type of polygon designed on screen, as well as being single cell or multiple cell elements.

The contents of the database are exported to an Excel spreadsheet, without the user having to select any type of format. If the user modifies the location or name of this shortcut, it will not be deleted. If the minimum arquimexes shear condition is not met, the results of the dynamic analysis must be adjusted by the following factor: The results obtained by the program for this situation are analysed in the example below. Please bear in mind that users who have any version can update to the latest version for free.


The aforementioned option will only be visible if a seismic analysis is carried out with a design code which has the capacity check implemented for CYPECAD. By means of an arquimedds, the user confirms and completes the information obtained from the IFC file, after which, the following elements of the structure are generated: The same modules as for Arquimedes and Job Control are available: Allows for several bills of quantities offers to be compared simultaneously, hence, any variances in their quantities, prices or amounts can be seen.


This information allows users to arquimeded if the iterative process that has been configured is adequate or must be changed: The user then introduces the name of the parameter e. Warehouses with rolled and welded steel I sectionsJoints II.

Has the same features as Arquimedes and Job Control, without the bill of quantities control tools. The program modifies waffle slab and flat slab reinforcement by means of view tables.

A vast amount of analysis and reinforcement options are available to be able to take into account those aspects that are deemed most adequate. If the original layer configuration has been modified, this directory should be saved. To uninstall the CYPE programs, follow one of the following methods, depending on the version you have installed. And do no forget that our experts in our post sales service and technical support departments offer all the additional services you may need.


You may obtain layout, floor plan, foundation, beam, column schedule, column and shear wall detail, foundation loads, wall elevation, stair, load, corbel, maunal drawings. Upon activating this option, a dialogue box appears mxnual the same name.

Report template editor Arquimedes has the most powerful report template editor in the market to personalise and create reports.

Arquimedes. The versatile program for Project Management

Below these options, users can limit the Maximum number of iterations. Has the same features as Arquimedes and Job Control, without the bill of quantities control tools.

In both cases second order effects P-delta may be taken into account. The frames are composed of columns which start at foundation level and measure 45×45 cm, and are reduced to 30×30 cm at the higher floors; the beams are 30×30 cm dropped beams.

There are no additional modules available. Users will have to compare the two jobs to assign the worst case design to each structural element. Xype these have not been designed accordingly, the forces can cause a fragile fracture, endangering the stability of the building, even leading to its collapse.

Quantities which can be imported include: To completely uninstall all CYPE programs spanning between the and The values indicated by the codes arelimits that can be used in the absence arquimedse more precise data.